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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Nugget, May 20, 2020.

  1. Nugget

    Nugget Member

    In August I will be running from Bamfield to Port Alberni around 1pm in my 17.5ft DE. I typically only do it in the morning and have never boated the inlet in the afternoon....can it get pretty nasty in the afternoon or should I be fairly safe? Thoughts ?
  2. bryce

    bryce Active Member

    Don’t plan on it
  3. BigBadBrad

    BigBadBrad Active Member

    I have been doing the same trip in a similar boat the past 10 years and have never had a problem. Sometimes a little lumpy and need to throttle down.
  4. Redfisher

    Redfisher Well-Known Member

    If its sunny likely will be a nasty ride down the channel particularly around Nahmint Bay. I suggest you arrange a morning trip down instead.
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  5. ryanb

    ryanb Well-Known Member

    I've done it mid afternoon a couple times... definitely isn't comfortable...but it hasn't been anything I'd call dangerous in a 17.5 DE.
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  6. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    Done the trip many times in same boat, as others have said most times it will be bumpy in the afternoon. I have found anything after about 11am is bumpy and the hotter it is the worse the ride will be. That said, it is still doable. Nahmint Bay area is always the worst part.
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  7. Brian Reiber

    Brian Reiber Active Member

    We have long days in August could you push it a little later? Maybe 4pm or so, it should start to die down by then. You can still do it at 1pm like you intend but as others have stated it might be a little bumpy. Don't plan on setting any speed records. I've done it mid day in an 18' Campion Horizon (definitely not as capable as your DE). It was choppy but we took our time and all went well.
  8. Toba

    Toba Member

    We often run up from browns bay in the summer with the NW wind blowing and I stick as close to shore as i can like 20ft off the walls sometimes and always is calm enough to run full speed. Does this work in the alberni inlet?
  9. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    Alberni is a bit different than Browns and Muchalat where you can pick a side and hug the walls, there’s beaches and shallower spots and the worst part is heaps and heaps of sticks and logs. when we ran to Bammy we went early in the day we were fine before the outflows started
  10. bigdogg1

    bigdogg1 Active Member

    Have done it many times, the smallest being a 17.5 welded aluminum. Alway fit in that last morning fish in Bamfield then headed back to Port. EVERY time, I said never again. It is totally doable but almost always a pounding. If there is any other window of time, take it.
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  11. Scorpiofisher

    Scorpiofisher Member

    At least you'll be going the right way. Totally doable, but it will be lumpy. Find a bigger boat and tuck in behind.
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  12. BryceWCP

    BryceWCP New Member

    Me and a good friend used to do it in his 16 foot Malibu tyee similar to the de just smaller. Take your time and you will be fine. Usually only bad for a short stretch from hell’s gate to around macktush campground. Sometimes those waters are calm and the harbour itself is rough but still doable. safe boating!
  13. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    I've done that ride many times in a 17.5 foot boat. As mentioned, if you take your time you'll be fine, or find an opportunity to slink in behind another bigger boat. The Hell's Gate and Nahmint stretch was always the ugliest part.

    When the wind is up, it can be tricky to see floating debris. I hit a hemlock log one time that wasn't visible until I was right on top of it. No damage but could have been worse.

    Optimally, make the run in the morning and it's much more pleasant.
  14. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    I've literally made a thousand trips up and down the inlet over the last 20 years guiding in Barkley Sound. The hotter the weather the worse the conditions. Late afternoon can be the worst time as it tends to build as the day heats up. Earlier you make the trip the better the conditions. Yes, many people do the run in small boats. Some try following the big boats. I had one guy very uncomfortably close on one trip until he drove his bow into a green one coming to a full stop. Filled his boat with water, and fortunately had floatation so he could bail it out while we circled back to make sure he was going to be safe.

    When guys warn about difficulty seeing dead heads and even floaters you should heed their advice. It's like dodging land mines, and gets even harder as the seas build.

    If you can avoid an afternoon trip in a small boat - do. I have a big boat, and hate the trips back in the afternoon...honestly can't imagine doing it in a small boat.
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  15. Brian

    Brian New Member

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  16. trophywife

    trophywife Crew Member

    go later, waves go down with the sun.
  17. TipUp

    TipUp Active Member

    Where's Hells Gate in the inlet?
  18. BryceWCP

    BryceWCP New Member

    The narrow point on the port alberni side of Pocahontas

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  19. RBL

    RBL Active Member

    You will be most likely going with the wind so a much nicer ride. Just got to really keep an eye out for logs as they can be hard to see in the chop and glare
  20. ryanb

    ryanb Well-Known Member

    Mid afternoon towards Port you'll be going against the wind if it's warm and sunny.

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