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  1. Bearded wonder

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    My family and I are going to Florida for 16 days for vacation in April. Doing Disney World for the first half then going to relax at the beach for the second half and I would like to go fishing.
    We are staying in Siesta Key, just south of Tampa Bay and I was wondering if anyone has fished that area? And if they would recommend any charters.
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    Hey there, I was just in FL visiting my family/inlaws for two weeks, and we did a fishing charter out of Fort Lauderdale. While it is not near where you are going to be, I just wanted to send over some advice I learned after our charter. As a part-time guide up here, I figured I could locate a good company that would be great hosts/professionals. While I booked with a company that had 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google (500 plus reviews), I later discovered it was basically a charter referral company that set the customer up with one of several charters boats which naturally varied in quality; of course this was not stated anywhere but after some post charter researching that's what we figured out. Unfortunately for us, we got a real dud of a crew, no interaction, & poor fishing. The trip wasn't a bust, but it wasn't the fun-filled day we expected, nothing worse than a "grumpy at the world" guide. Our charter cost about $1300 Canadian with tip for the 6 of us for six hours, so it is worth the time to find a good one and read the negative reviews to see what the issues were. Enjoy your trip, always love visiting FL.
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    I have fished with Mad Son Charters out of West Palm Beach. They do know where the fish are and specialize on bottom fish.. but if you have a private charter and want to chase sails, wahoo, etc they are set up for trolling as well. https://madsonfishing.com/ I have cut and pasted a recent report from a friend of mine that lives in WPB and fishes with MadSon weekly

    Jan 8th 1019.
    "This was one of those trips where, while nothing that was put on ice was particularly large, there were plenty of fish caught & kept. Everybody had plenty of fish to take home.There were also a lot of fish released, making for a trip where most of the time, at least one person, & often several of us, had bent rods.There must've been thirty blue runners caught.I kept ten or so to smoke,There were also some short mutton snappers, several short triggers, a grouper or two, and several of the less desirable reef fish.Lots of action.Charlie even caught an amberjack of about eight pounds or so.It was short, plus in these waters that fish is usually too wormy to bother with.

    The seas were calm, the weather clear, enough current for slider rigs, but not too much for chicken rigs...just a great day on the water.The final tally was 11 mangrove snappers, 7 porgies, 2 yellowtail snappers, 1 Lane snapper & a grey triggerfish.Thanks to Captain George & Aaron for putting us (& keeping us) on the fish, keeping the baits ready & the lines untangled"

    The distance might be further than you want to travel-- but I have another nutbar fishing buddy who lives in Tampa Bay .. I can ask him for a reference if you wish.. let me know.
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    Peak season for tarpon if you can handle the combat fishing
  5. Bearded wonder

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    Thank you your reply. West Palm Beach is going to be to far. If you could ask your buddy that would be awesome.
  6. Bearded wonder

    Bearded wonder New Member

    Tarpon fishing would be amazing. Hopefully can make it happen
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  8. Cuba Libre

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    Will do..
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    Bearded Wonder-- ( love the handle) here is the reply I got back from my buddy in Tampa Bay :

    Bryan I know no one doing off shore charters in that area. A very good inshore Captain is Capt. Rick Grassett http://www.snookfin-addict.com/ who works out of CB’s Saltwater Outfitters on Siesta Key. Fly and light tackle specialist.


    I had a look at their web page and it looks quite interesting

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