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    There have been a couple of different threads talking about the initiative started to raise funds and get the message out to the masses regarding the important role that sport fishing, and the people who enjoy it, play on so many fronts when discussing the future of Salmon. Many of you have already donated and we are happy to support this group in their endeavours during this critical time. Please consider helping out in any way possible and sharing the message through social media and the forum whenever possible. Here is more information provided by Searun.

    On December 19, the Minister of Fisheries announced a Critical Habitat (CH) Order designating Swiftsure and La Perouse Banks as Critical Habitat (CH) for Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) and Northern Resident Killer Whales (NRKW). This decision was based on science advice that incorporated flawed assumptions, and largely absent data to verify these areas were of critical importance to SRKW. The Orca Outreach Fund was created by the West Coast Fishing Guides Association to help fund development of a website, initiate social media campaigns, and to start reaching out to local business and community leaders through Chamber of Commerce meetings. Our main goal being to create public and leadership awareness about the vital importance recreational fishing contributes to the economic and social well being of small coastal communities in areas touched by existing Critical Habitat and the proposed expansion Area.
    In the lead up to the December CH announcement our efforts lead to a partnership forged with the BC Chamber of Commerce and SFI to help align 18 community Chambers to a single outreach campaign called Thriving Orcas, Thriving Communities. Our Coalition met with Minister Wilkinson on October 11, to provide a strong science-based message outlining the economic cost to Canada if the Minister repeated Area Closures in CH Areas going forward in 2019. We continue working with the BC Chamber and in 2019, have plans to expand outreach efforts including speaking at community Chamber meetings to help build greater awareness and understanding of the real benefits of recreational fishing that provide significant economic contribution. Our key messages being:
    • We can provide effective protection measures for SRKW that also allow for responsible use of CH areas by marine operators
    • Recreational fishing creates significant social and economic benefits to small coastal communities – these are real jobs providing benefits for families and businesses
    • Canada has too much to risk by closing vast areas of CH – recreational salmon fishing alone provides over a $billion in economic activity, $440 million USD to our GDP, and 6,150 full time jobs
    • We want to work closely with DFO to design future management measures that make sense
    Here’s our accomplishments to date:

    1. Held Media Event, called Thriving Orcas, Thriving Communities in Victoria Dec 6th
    2. Developed website to help share information www.orcawhales.org
    3. Developed Facebook Page www.facebook.com/bcorcawhales/
    4. Developed Instagram Page www.instagram.com/p/Bqs4q2Dneva/
    5. Initiated Community Outreach - speaking at Chamber Meetings and other community groups
    Now that these banks are officially designated as Critical Habitat, our focus is to work with DFO and key stakeholders to design management and recovery measures that provide protection for SRKW, while also allowing responsible marine activity to successfully share CH areas with whales. As stated above, we will continue working with the BC Chamber and the SFI to forge ahead with our public and community leadership awareness campaigns to help build a strong foundation of support for the value of the recreational fishery.
    Our desire is to build a network of Third Party Endorsers (TPE’s), who understand the value the recreational, commercial and FN’s fisheries brings to Canada – we will ask those TPE’s to speak out in support of these fisheries and advocate for measures that protect SRKW, while allowing responsible marine operations to co-exist successfully creating ongoing social and economic values for Canada.
    Please contribute to our go fund me campaign. Your donations will help us to continue our work to fund social media outreach, refine our website, purchase media boosts, and to fund travel to community Chamber of Commerce meetings to help build our network of Third Party Endorsers. To date we have spent just over $8,000 developing the website and purchasing social media boosts that has reached over 400,000 viewers. Here’s a link to the go fund me campaign:
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    I took a look at your website and all I can say is well done. Fantastic outline of the issues and the real facts rather than the CBC sound bites with the enviro groups as the only source of information.
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    Thank you for the feedback, good team of people trying hard to get this up and running. Our main concern is to see that correct facts are getting out there, and that we tell the public about the value the rec fishery brings to Canada. Too easy for some to say the quick solution is to close every fishery down - those people apparently do not understand the consequences of that sort of action and how little it would actually do to recover SRKW. Not to mention, there is no actual recovery goal on a population that has never numbered more than 98 in several centuries. We have NRKW that now out number historic levels, and yet they too are listed as "threatened." A lot can be done to give SRKW every chance to thrive, while also ensuring the recreational, commercial and FN fisheries also thrive.

    Thanks all for your support and encouragement. The WCFGA and SFI strongly believe in the social and economic contributions the recreational fishery has made to Canada's heritage. We hope to build stronger Third Party Endorsements from a well informed public and community leadership.
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    Looks like there’s a couple of mistakes in one paragraph. I think you mean signs and recovery since. Looks great though. I’ll be donating.

    Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) have shown few sings of recoverysince they were listed as Endangered under the Canadian Species At Risk Act in 2003 and the US Endangered Species Act in 2005
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    Quick update on today's fund raising derby event called the Frosty Hooker Derby....we had several boats enter a local derby out of Cheanuh Marina near Sooke. I think it was 11 boats and 1 kayak. The event raised $685, and most importantly engaged around 30 anglers in a fun event. There were 2 winners taking first place - yup a tie. One of the fish came to an angler paddling a kayak - that was one tough and determined angler. Great opportunity to speak with supporters about our efforts to build a social media presence and help better inform the public about issues impacting SRKW, as well as helping get the word on the value the recreational fishery provides to Canada. We strongly believe the recreational fishery can practice an Avoidance Zone strategy to create a protective zone around killer whales so they can forage successfully without vessel traffic impeding their success. The responsible thing being to avoid close contact with whales by ceasing fishing, turning off sounding equipment and slowly leaving areas to create a spatial protection or avoidance zone. For recreational fishers we believe that distance is 400m, which eliminates physical and acoustic disturbance, while also allowing whales to forage successfully acquiring their prey.

    Visit our FB Page at: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=bc orca whales&epa=SEARCH_BOX

    Please "like" and "share" with friends. Join the conversations and share your thoughts with others who are concerned about issues impacting SRKW and our fishery.
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    Good thing on doing that Searun and getting the word out in south island this time.
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    Any thoughts on what I had mentioned at Burrard?
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    Maybe next time post on the forum that theres a derby, I appreciate your efforts
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    Just had another member flag me...hadn't seen it previously. Could be a good fund raising idea. I'm going to be away for next week, will check in when I get back.
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    It was a lot of fun down there... A special shut out to all those that participated & supported the cause :)
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    Too bad this derby was not advertised; I would have loved to participate!
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    Wow someone does something positive and here comes the negative train again.

    Like to see you do better. Just saying. Lots of talk and zero action.
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    Simply agreeing with the previous poster, and doing so in my own (sarcastic of course) way.
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    Yah it's all conspiracy man. Not playing games today in 2019. Carry on..
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    ..this was a smaller group of anglers that are not on this forum who were doing there first derby & .. that being said I would believe that they would make this a a annual bigger event next year....
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    Ummmmm. What do you mean "not on this forum"? This can't be right.
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    Meant that this group of anglers don't follow SFBC or any forum.. some of them are on face book...
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    We can call it the "behind the scenes derby" than have our secretive meetings after the awards.:rolleyes:

    I still can't understand why we want to make it so people don't do these kind of things.
    If you want any of us to organize these things quit throwing rocks like" behind the scenes" and" need to know" comments. Sorry to go on just is frustrating we can't keep things positive.
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    I was just joking around. Meaning everyone SHOULD be on this forum. My jokes are terrible online.
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