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Discussion in '2017 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2017.

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    Post your 2017 fishing reports here!
  2. Redfisher

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    Looking for any links to old threads on the site fishing the central coast between Hakai and Milbanke. Heading up the last week of July for 1 week and looking for places to fish "out" of the lodge crowds. Staying on 48' mothership and fishing a 23' alloy boat so we can play on the beach with cut plugs etc.

    Also wondering closest marine gas location?
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    thanks for this one.
  5. Redfisher

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    Would love to get some basic advice from any current or past guides for the area over where to fish, best tides for there etc. Know the area a bit from seining and gillnetting up there but that is over 30 years ago and have never dropped a line as a sportie and want to stay out of the "masses".
  6. eriks

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    I'm looking to run up to Hakai area from Port Hardy early morning on August 2nd, weather permitting of course. The other boat we were going to run up with cannot make the trip anymore. I'd love to tag along with anyone else doing the run. Also, is there a preferred VHF channel I should be on when I'm up there?
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  7. Geno

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    if you need fuel in Rivers - vhf 06 will get you Dawsons Landing and Duncanby
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    Hey if people are going to spill the beans on the central coast please do it via PMs. It'should not like the entire Internet needs to know all about it.......
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  9. Redfisher

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    Thanks on this. Miss having fuel in Namu.
  10. Redfisher

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    So far zero reply's either with posts or PM's.....if we all took the same approach to sharing info ....this site is redundant. Last time I checked these are migratory salmon and I think the Hakai and Rivers Inlet fisheries are fairly well known on the internet.
  11. Humpbubble

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    Odlum, and the gap for springs in close.
    Barney bay if it's snotty out.
    Bailey for coho.
    330' for Hali.
    Jealous, it's been since the early 90's for me.
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  12. eriks

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    Thx for that. Where is The Gap?
  13. Blue

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    The gap is between Hakai Pass and the west entrance to Nalau Passage. It is a 'gap' between two small islands. There are many places to try between Hakai and Milbank. Start at any point of land on the west side of the airplane group (Typhoon, Breadner, Spider, Superstition) and then Cultus Sound, Purple Bluffs, Cape Mark, Cheney and Ivory. There are some good anchorages behind Ivory with some fishy areas on the south and west sides of the point.....usually not a busy as many of the other sports listed. There are also good anchorages in the airplane group but it will likely be busier than Ivory. The Cheney area can be busy a little busy with the lodge there and the area from Spider south can get a little busy at times with Hakai boats. That said, busy is all relative. Also check for the location of the RCAs. Fuel is in Shearwater and I believe there is some in Bella Bella but I've never been.
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  14. spoiler

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    What Blue said.
    I just got back from 4 days at Hakai and can say the Chinook fishing was tough to say the least! Fished Spider Island, The Gap, Bailey Point and only managed one 17lb spring! Biggest Spring in our group was 31 or 32lbs. Got some Halibut but mostly smalls. Also boxed out on Lingcod, sea bass and some Coho. Was still a great trip, I love the area and think it has the best scenery on the central coast. If you go to Milbanke try to find time to run out to McInnes Island!
  15. Fitzy

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    I'm making the trip from hardy to Dawson's landing early aug 3rd. Not going to haiki but if your looking for someone to cross with I'll be going.
  16. eriks

    eriks Active Member

    I'm heading up to the central coast tomorrow for a few days, and do not have much experience fishing plugs. One thing I wanted to know is how to fish them effectively there.
    6' leader and another 6' to the clip? Or like I've read before, really let them out far. I like to fish close to rocks and will love fishing close to weeds/kelp, but can't see how not fishing plugs close to the release clip would be good in these situations.
    I'd like my trip to be as successful as possible, so any advice would be appreciated.
  17. Sentinel

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    Let them out 25' ot so from the clip and troll wherever you desire it will work fine. No leader tie directly to plug or run mainline through pin pulled tomic. Google it if you have never done it. I think the tomic site has a link.
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  18. Sentinel

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    You might try cut plug herring in tight to the rocks and kelp. There is something about the action of a cut plug when you are maneuvering in tight. It speeds up and spins fast rising in the water column on outside turns and slowly flutters down on inside turns. This action drives Springs wild and is very effective.
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  19. Redfisher

    Redfisher Active Member

    Just spent 5 days in area (returned on Sunday). Springs were hard to catch. We fished 3 monrnings at Odlam and 2 at Spider. We fished chovies and spoons and outfished the guides who all are running cut plugs. Biggest for us was 30 and we had a few in mid twenties. In fairness to fishing we only fished mornings due to significant others being with us. Some nice coho and pinks if you want them. Great linging and some Hali's even though we didn't target them. The guides particularly the ones from Joes were terrific. Shared info and tolerated us trolling around them as they cutplugged. We stayed out of their way and entertained their guests a bit. Thumbs up to them. Pretty area and great beaches and anchorages.
  20. Redfisher

    Redfisher Active Member

    Sorry had missed replying to you. We hit the spots you mentioned and worked our way up to Spider where the tide was a little easier. Great area.

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