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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Kevin, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I am looking for recommendations on a satellite phone for use on WCVI. I rented an Iridium about 5 years ago, and couldn't get much for service so haven't taken one since. As technology changes, surely there is something on the market that works well now? Suggestions including make & model #'s please.

  2. Geno

    Geno Member

    Hi you could also consider a garmin inreach communicator if voice is not critical.
    I went with this allows texting communication via satelite, app to link your smart phone, SOS capability and you can choose monthly plan to suit your needs and go on standby when not in use. Got mine at London Drugs - works well.
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  3. SaltyAlice

    SaltyAlice Well-Known Member

    +1 to using an inReach. I keep mine in my vehicle when I am driving solo on FSRs out of cell range. It sits on my dash broadcasting my location every few minutes. I can share a link to that track to friends/family so they can see where I am at. They can use a web browser to see the track and click on me via a web browser to send me a message. It also supports global two way texting so I can let my wife know I got distracted and will be late, as opposed to her worrying I am dead. You can also post directly to Facebook or Twitter which I know some folks do if they have a travel blog, or are an adventure photographer on assignment.

    I often go solo fishing, and I am a bit of a fan of crappy whether (less boats, more Valhalla) so I wear my inReach clipped into my lifejacket. That way if I fall over I will be able to text my wife that I am floating somewhere in the ocean and need a hovercraft and a beer.

    The device also has a quick SOS mode. You flip the trigger over and hit SOS and it immediately starts broadcasting your location to emergency services and they can text you to find out the nature of the emergency.

    You can also pair the device to your phone over Bluetooth to make it easier to type out messages.

    There is a monthly fee, but the plan is variable. I throttle the plan based on how much adventuring I plan on doing that month.

    Well worth it from a safety perspective and as a marriage-saving device.
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  4. Chasin' Dreams

    Chasin' Dreams Well-Known Member

    I use a Spot Sat phone. Pay yearly cause I use it for work during summer/early fall months up north as well as for emergency use anywhere I am out of cell service areas. Has never not worked. Always gets a signal as long as you are outside. Sometimes I have to move around a bit to get a clearer signal but I've used it all over B.C. Pricey though I think they just raised it to $900 for the year or so.
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  5. tekrunr

    tekrunr Crew Member

    Also recommend the InReach. Simple setup, you can modify the rate for homebound months. Never have though, 'cause always find somewhere interesting to roam outside cell range. Which I am more likely to do when I have a little more confidence in avoiding the " If shit goes down, my wife will kill me....."
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