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  1. burnsy22

    burnsy22 Well-Known Member

    I am getting a soft top built for my 19 foot arima with drop curtains and was looking for a heater to put in it for winter springs. Only need to run it for 5-10 mins at a time to keep the hands warm. Anyone used the portable buddy heater that uses the 1lb bottles? Are they safe for boating purposes? Propane and boats scares me a little.

    Or does anyone elses have an alternative? Not looking for a ton of heat just enough to keep the hands warm, and give off a smidge bit of heat to take the sting out of the air.

  2. Jencourt

    Jencourt Well-Known Member

    Not sre on the make but FA has the best heater I have seen to date. Maybe he can elaborate.
  3. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    I used to use the Mr. Heater buddy heater with the 1 lb. tank before I installed a permanent diesel fuelled heater. They are safe expecially with a soft top. They do take the edge off nicely and for warming hands no problem. They will fog your windows still but for what they are they do work. When I first got the unit it was solely intended to "take the edge off". Go for it.
  4. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    i have one , great unit , use it in the winter , keeps us cozy up front with the curtains down

    cheap , easy

  5. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    I've got one in the boat and they work great and yes they do fog the windows a bit
  6. myknoo

    myknoo Member

    find a 5 gal. metal pail to set it in. works like a charm.
  7. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    This is what I use......
    Should have gone to this one, as it's smaller and I think it's the one FA has

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  8. Canso

    Canso Well-Known Member

    I'm also looking for the same thing, do they have a fan?
    I use a tank-top heater in the sled, but looking for somthing safer for prawning and winter springs.

    Fraser Sturgeon in the rain
  9. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

  10. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    Only draw back in rough weather they always turn them selves off
  11. JAC

    JAC Well-Known Member

    i have use the mr heater but i use a hose and hook it to a 5lbs bottle. the 1 pounders dont last that long on high. I have fished in -13 in a soft top and its was not hot but did the trick. you need to have the back door zipped up if you want it to really warm up. also mine is always hard to light on the first kick at the can after its warm you can start and stop all the time. in rough water they will kick out its some safety deal they have in them so they turn off if the get bumped or rock to much.
  12. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    GLG has it right I use the smaller Buddy heater. Turn it on high for 10 mins and down to low and you can be fishing on a really cold day with T Shirts. I burn a bottle a day but I have built a hose to refill the bottles. I also have a 10# alum. tank that I can take. We have used these heaters to deforst the boat prior to leaveing the house to save the windows from cracking. These unit have low air and tipover shut off's. I do not run my heater while running and I don't go out in the winter if its rough so for me the heater is great. Sure I would love a diesel heat. But for $100 I will stick with my Buddy heater for now.

    Don't even think about compairing these heater to any others. They can't be beat for the BTU's and size. Coleman heaters are waste of time and gas.

    One thing that has to be done though is you need a squeegee and drying towels to wipe the window till the windows stay clear on their own. Pretty easy thing to do to have a warm and dry cabin.
  13. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    Went through 5 bottles at the chum derby.
    Fished Friday 1/2 day, Sat full day, Sun full day.
    Ran the heater on low for the whole time with the back curtain open.
    Was never cold.....
  14. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Where did you guys find these locally ?
    lots of on line dealers but the freight costs are almost as much as the unit...
  15. Fish Assassin

    Fish Assassin Crew Member

    Cabelas puts them on sale every so often. Line it up when they are offering shipping deals you will likey get the unit for as low as $89.
    Home Hardware just had them in a ad in the news paper a couple weeks ago for $99. I bought mine from them. They didn't stock the heater but it was there a couple days later.
    Mid-Land Tools sells them but they are about $20 more then anywhere else.
  16. NautiGirl

    NautiGirl Well-Known Member

    I can't recall the price, but Lordco auto parts place on Burnside in Vic had them last year.
  17. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    slegg has them also.
  18. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

  19. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Hhmmm, $89.99 south of the border, $129.00 in good old Canada. ;)

    (Thanks for the info boys)
  20. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    $80 Lordco sidney

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