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    Shop and Save with SFBC and PNT

    Sportfishing BC and Pacific Net and Twine are expanding your online shopping experience! We are pleased to announce that our Crew Member program has been enhanced and will now feature a 10% discount for online orders with PNT! (some exclusions apply) This means you have access to the entire line of products carried by PNT along with the excellent knowledge base and customer service they provide. Your order will be shipped to your door or you are welcome to pick up at any of PNT’s locations in Parksville, Richmond or Prince Rupert. Your shopping experience begins here

    Crew Members will also receive further savings on exclusive featured products. For details on how to receive your discount please refer to the Crew Member forum here.

    Here's how to join our Crew Member Program!

    PNT Logo.png

    SFBC Crew.jpg
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    I always buy my Stainless Steel Mustad hooks from PN&T. Great service, prices and quick shipping.
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