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  1. albernifisher

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    I know I've said I won't do another project boat. .. boats are my drug and I'm a addict. I hated having my boat in Port Alberni all season when I live in Nanaimo and there is lots of fishing opportunities all over the island so I've got another project boat so next season I'll have one on each coast. 18'musling with a 115 yamaha. Going to be splitting it at the rubrail so I can do the floor, transom and stringers
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  2. albernifisher

    albernifisher Well-Known Member

  3. albernifisher

    albernifisher Well-Known Member

  4. albernifisher

    albernifisher Well-Known Member

  5. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    That's a project,
    but I'll bet it looks like new when you're done.

  6. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    Looks like an easy split. Can't wait to see it done
  7. noluck

    noluck Active Member

    not to derail, but how did the ski boat turn out? maybe you can update the post :)
  8. albernifisher

    albernifisher Well-Known Member

    Haven't laid a finger on it yet
  9. wishiniwasfishin1

    wishiniwasfishin1 Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if it may make sense to move the console up while you are at it? Seems set pretty far back. Could move the seats closer to the bow too and give yourself a little more room on the dance floor...
  10. DuroBoat

    DuroBoat Member

    cool project, im a boat addict too. Once I purchase one, im drooling over the next sad case :p

    I agree with wishingiwasfishing - that console needs to move forward! center consoles are awesome tho
  11. albernifisher

    albernifisher Well-Known Member

    They were originally side consoles, I'm thinking about getting rid of the center console and going back to a side
  12. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

    Can you put a powersteering tiller on that motor? I like the space created and the comfort of the ride from the stern in my tiller whaler.
  13. Clint r

    Clint r Well-Known Member

    Sweet. How do you mount a T-Top on a side console? Lol...
  14. albernifisher

    albernifisher Well-Known Member

    Motor is off, now I can tear it apart to see how much work I have. The neat thing about these hulls is that their water ballast, at rest there is a channel that runs through the hull that fills with water for added stability and when you start to move it all siphones out. you can see the hole in the transom where the water enters and leaves and there is a big vent hole in the bow 20161203_144434.jpg 20161203_144442.jpg
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  15. Rayvon

    Rayvon Active Member

    I've always wondered how they sealed the floor and stringers in those boats from the salt water.I guess you'll find out when you strip her down.Keep the pictures coming,great to see the progress while we wait for better weather.
  16. albernifisher

    albernifisher Well-Known Member

    Has to be the biggest fuel tank I've seen in a small boat. 7'8" long 22" wide and 6" deep. Lucky me it's full to the top with 3 year old gas. .. 20161204_161515.jpg 20161204_162731.jpg
  17. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Very interesting hull design with the water ballast, you don't see that very often. Where were the Musling line of boats manufactured, and what year is your boat. Thanks for posting the pics. Looks like a great project boat, good luck with your rebuild.
  18. albernifisher

    albernifisher Well-Known Member

    I think the boat is a late 80's and are Norwegian. Aguilar lodge in Bamfield had 5 or 6 of these as there guide boats. I guided for them in these boats and don't think there is a boat out there around the same size that can compare to how well it handles rough water
  19. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Are you planning on running a kicker. It looks like it might be a bit trickey to mount a kicker with the different shape of the hull at the stern. It might need a custom fabricated kicker bracket to hang a trolling motor. I'm sure you've got something planned out for that. Just curious.
  20. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    still a couple kicking around bam..

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