1. I have a 200HP Yamaha on the back of my 22 Pro Cuddy (RH BOATS). I know what the fuel burn on that motor is but I also have a Yamaha 9.9 LS Kicker. Is there a cheap way to figure fuel burn on this motor?
  2. wayne marwood

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    If you Google it there is a page that tells you all makes of outboard
  3. OK I guess I now need to figure out that RPM when I troll. Its almost at idle.
  4. Tightlines22

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    What’s your rate for the Yamaha 200. Is it a four stroke? That’s what I have in my 22’ Campion which I haven’t calculated exactly yet
  5. Sir Reel

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    My Yamaha 9.9hp HO used less than half a gallon an hour at mid throttle. Why not get a 3 gallon tank and hook direct to the 9.9. That way you can get an accurate fuel burn
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  6. Then 200 and the 9.9 are both tied into the main tank. At full throttle the main 200 burns 18.5 GPH. I realize the kicker consumes very little but it might be of benefit one day if I am stuck offshore and need to motor in. That happened in my buddies boat out of Neah Bay.
  7. ryanb

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    You won't get any engine data off a 9.9. Full throttle on a 9.9 is about 1gph. Half throttle about 0.5gph. You will likely find you gain little if any extra speed above about 70% throttle...good for probably 5.5 to 6mph in your boat. Good for around 8mpg.
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  8. Sir Reel

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    If your going off shore then take a 3 gallon tank with hose for the kicker. That would give you about 6 hours at 4 or 5 mph and a good backup
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  9. Corey_lax

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    Extra tank is nice just in case you fill up your main tank with some bad gas
  10. wayne marwood

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    One thing helps big time is do not run big motor wide open , just by pulling back 500 will save you alot of gas
  11. Good Idea! Thanks
  12. Yes, there is a HUGE difference when I haven't firewalled the throttle. I monitor the fuel flow on the 200 and when cruising, like to stay below 10 GPH. I can get there almost as quick PLUS I usually let a veteran steer while I finish rigging lines. They love to steer.
  13. aussie

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  14. Thanks Aussie, The weight of my boat ( 22' RH Pro Cuddy ) is approx. 6000lbs wet. The burn rates listed are definitely in the ball park. My guage on the 200HP shows about 18.4 + or - at full throttle. The 9.9 Yammie pushes the boat while trolling at a very low RPM so my burn could probably be considered "negligible". What is the weight of your boat?
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