22' Double Eagle Build

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  1. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    Man, she'll move with that pair of Etecs.
  2. Rayvon

    Rayvon Well-Known Member

    I would have gone for a smaller aft cabin.:):)
  3. windsurfer

    windsurfer Member

    It's a house boat.
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  4. halimark

    halimark Well-Known Member

    Awesome job, keep the pics coming.

  5. Mighty Sylvan

    Mighty Sylvan Active Member

    Very nice! I love the pilothouse.
  6. Old Seadog

    Old Seadog Active Member

    Nice Job windsurfer. love those old DE...The wheelhouse shocked me also, but looks good. Keep us posted. Lots of pic's !!!!
  7. kelly

    kelly Well-Known Member

    Wow this is going to be an amazing and one of a kind ride. Fantastic work.
  8. ChilliSpoons

    ChilliSpoons Active Member

  9. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill Active Member

    I think the pilot house is really cool! As well as all the other work! Round corner laminated window glass? In like zip strip rubber frames? I'm thinking like around $2000 glass? Just considering..
  10. Discus

    Discus Well-Known Member

  11. windsurfer

    windsurfer Member

  12. Ceilidh69

    Ceilidh69 Active Member

    Super nice boat. Well done.
  13. ChilliSpoons

    ChilliSpoons Active Member

    Gee, you'll never be able to pull away from the dock with all the curious bystanders asking dozens of questions about your original design.

    Amazing job
  14. windsurfer

    windsurfer Member

  15. windsurfer

    windsurfer Member


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  16. windsurfer

    windsurfer Member

    It's finished. Enough for this year anyway.
    I've had difficulty importing pics here from apple devices. They kept turning sideways. I had to email them to a windows computer to get them to stay right way up.
  17. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    What kind of numbers are you seeing for speed and fuel economy? That motor setup seems like it would have a ton of grunt.
  18. windsurfer

    windsurfer Member

    I can run on one engine, but it feels a bit underpowered. On 1 it'll do 30mph at 5600. On 2, tons of power, 40mph at 5600. I'm in Ukee. I seldom go more than 25mph. I've had gauge issues, and just had them replaced. I don't know the gph, and mpg #s.
  19. bigdogeh

    bigdogeh Well-Known Member

    I know it's not really a question pertaining to this thread, but is it harmful in any way running on one engine at speed when 2 are available? Is it common practice for anyone or does anyone do it every once in awhile?... apologies if it would or should be a question for another thread. Just curious as i've never done it at speed...
    Beautiful boat by the way. That's a build you can really be proud of!
  20. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    That's awesome.

    For the sake of stringing letters and numbers together, my DE20 with the old Volvo 302/280 combo will do 30MPH at around 3500 RPM. I am fairly confident that if I got it up to 4000 RPM it would turn into a 600lb IED.

    The only way I'll ever see 40mph would be on a GPS, heading down a fast flowing river.

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