2017 Secret Cove, Pender Harbour and Texada Reports

Discussion in '2017 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Well-Known Member

    Pm me your number if you want to discuss.
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  2. Sotally Tober

    Sotally Tober Active Member

    Some local knowledge would be great.
    PM sent.
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  3. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Well-Known Member

    We were out on Monday all night at Upwood, picked up a mid teens on a anchovie.
    All this week was a bust with that stiff NW. Made it out yesterday fished Upwood, picked up a low teen on a 407 tubby uv scale, finished the night at Epsom and didn't touch anything.
    Lots of bait around but no love for me.
  4. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    Thanks, trying to run up on Saturday. Hoping the wind isn't blowing huge
  5. Burban

    Burban Active Member

    A couple undersized tonight and lost 2 at Upwood. Moved shop for the night bite at Epsom but nadda for us, one of the mooching boys got a 12 tho.
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  6. Sotally Tober

    Sotally Tober Active Member

    Wind was howling on Wednesday when we arrived but much better Thursday and Friday.

    Many thanks to TheHurtLocker for reaching out to us and giving us info on where to fish, as this was our first time in the area. It was good to have a local fisherman's help and explore new fishing locations.

    We caught/released lots of undersized springs, couldn't find any keepers. Anchovies seemed to work the best, then the Homeland Security spoon.

    Just need to find some bigger fish now that we are back home.
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  7. easydoesit

    easydoesit Member

    X2 on ST's comments, HurtLocker went out of his way to help us find fish and prvovided tips on how to fish some structure on particular tides. What we were doing seemed to be working, we had just hoped for better results.
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  8. jig55

    jig55 Member

    Was out this morning around 8:30 am hit the first fish within two min 17 lbs got the gear back down and checked the sounder and looked back and #two was on 22lbs my bud got his first about ten min later 10 lbs and finished it off with a 21 lbs a while later all at Epsom on hoochies.
  9. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Well-Known Member

    You guys are welcome, anytime! Great to meet you out there.
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  10. Fishin'Zinn

    Fishin'Zinn Active Member

    Heck of a nice weekend on the water! Pulled into Epsom late Saturday morning to fish around the noon tide change - 20 mins in we had 2 in the box!!! A few fish lost, a feisty coho, a nice mid-teens spring my buddy lost. Ended up with 4. 2 mid-teens, 2 round/under 10lbs or so. Chovy with a dummy flasher, herring on the other side. Mostly 80 - 120', we were hitting fish at all depths. Even as high as 55'

    Tried the pilings yesterday for a few hours as it was a closer run for us... One small fish released in good shape.

    New boat is an absolute luxury. Unbelievable difference in ride, space, equipment makes for an enjoyable experience!
    Yeah... It needs a kicker and tie bar

  11. spoiler

    spoiler Active Member

    what size of plug are you using?
  12. kingblazer84

    kingblazer84 Well-Known Member

    I would guess atleast a 5" or 6" tubby
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  13. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Well-Known Member

    5" tubby
  14. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Well-Known Member

    I was out with Livelines last night, trolled around Anderson Bay and Upwood. Nothing again, I contemplated giving up fishing and starting a Outdoor and Nature sight seeing company from the boat. First signs of sun stroke I guess, so I had a cold one and got my sh$t together and we went jigging. Picked up a nice 10 to 12 spring in 50 ft of water and released it. NW picked up around 930 so we slugged it across to home base.

    LIVELINES Member

    Went out late last night for a solo fish. Started at the bjerre shoal for a pass but nothing so I moved to Epsom, caught and released two fish in the low teens. Both fish were on a 407 tubby. Awesome night.
  16. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Well-Known Member

    IMG_0321.JPG Looking good buddy!

    LIVELINES Member

    What's the word fellas?! It's been tough for me the last couple nights out but I thought I'd check to see if anyone has been on the fish the last few days and get this post back onto the first page... with this calm water I'm guessing lots of people have been out
  18. Waveslayer

    Waveslayer Member

    Fished the pilings Tues afternoon hit lots of undersize and kept a 19lb and 12lb. Lots of decent action before the high slack. Fish were caught at 153 on the downrigger in 160-200 feet of water on green glo splatter back hoochie. With dark purple moonjelly flasher with glo/gold tape. Heading to Epsom today.
  19. littlechucky

    littlechucky Active Member

    Where are the pilings?

  20. Burban

    Burban Active Member

    Haven't been out in two weeks now due to family visiting and holidays, and I'm jones'n to get out there. Last time out did really well for Lings, slow for salmon, only undersized. Heard this week it was slow for the troll guys, steady for the moochers. Gotta give mooching a try....

    Hoping the waters flat tommorow afternoon, hoping to take Grandpa's Peetz and the old man out for a troll. Its always windy when he visits lol.

    PS Pilings is along Texada, roughly across from Garden Bay.
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