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  1. Fixit

    Fixit Well-Known Member

    ask anyone whos owned a boat for a while and they can tell you a story of a boat motor blowing up.... doesnt matter the brand.
    sure there are lemons out there but the big 3 or 4 manufactures will all do well.

    If you have a shop that you want to do your service work, ask them what they would like to be working on.

    ie you live in XXXX river town and nobody sells/services yamaha there but merc and evinrude are sold there then pick one of the later two
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  2. kaelc

    kaelc Well-Known Member

    Here is an affordable kingfisher 24 feet before the pod and 250hp Yami which are great when paired with the Lowrance HDS series if your heart isn't set on the G2's. Add a Lowrance autopilot for about $1,400. One thing I would look for on your great list are the bench seats that convert into a big bed. Would be great for overnight trips, Hewescraft has them and likely the other brands. Might be worth the drive!
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  3. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    And yet I get 3000 hours out of every pair of Merc I owned since 2000 except for 1 that threw a rod at 2300. Regular maintenance works for any brand.

    That doesn’t sound Ford like to me
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  4. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member


    i thinks the 24' is not a washdown deck.
  5. Sentinel

    Sentinel Active Member

    Kingfishers to me defeat the purpose of an aluminum boat. They grind welds and fair in with bondo or some other substance to prep for copious amounts of paint so the look good new. Then, they bolt on stainless railings with stainless hardware as well as bolting on other things that could have been fabbed out of aluminum and welded on. End result? Bubbling paint that looks like crap in a few years. Do yourself a favor if considering alloy, buy only from a builder that will offer it sans paint. Northwest Aluminum is a good one to consider although he is a small shop and has a pretty healthy back log. That is a good sign of his quality workmanship though. North river, Armstrong, Crozier Craft, Eagle Craft, Silver Streak are others that come to mind that build great aluminum boats. Good luck with your search.
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  6. Rockfish

    Rockfish Well-Known Member

    I would agree with that, especially the big Merc Saltwater Series Optimax. If your boat will be worked hard and left in the marina where it does not get pulled and flushed all that often, the Opti will be going strong long after some other brands are corroded piles of crap. Perhaps why whale boats get 3000 hours out of them. If you ever spin the prop under high load and the motor instantly spins up to 8000 plus RPM, all you are going to need for the Opti is a little prop work, not a new power head what with all those fragile valves etc. If they are Fords then there are a lot of Hugo and Lada motors out there. Maintenance and service is everything.

    All the main brands produce quality motors. What would be important to me is the reputation of your local dealer, that you get parts and quality services at fair prices, that they stand behind their motors and work and will go to bat for you on warranty work etc. with the manufacturer. If the dealer/mechanic keeps a lot of used parts motors on hand for out of warranty and do it your self work, to me that’s a bonus.
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  7. Thunder21

    Thunder21 Active Member

    I met a guy that recently hadn't one of these built. He said the guy was awesome to work with and let him make a lot of changes. He had the roof made taller , transom door etc. Unless he was lying he got a 23 built with a 300 Yamaha for well under your budget .
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  8. ryanb

    ryanb Active Member

    Just remember to factor in the cost of all the extras you don't think of. Heaters, autopilots, electronics, trailers, not to mention your 12% sales tax is going to blow your budget right quick. If you are serious about the 140k budget, most of the boats mentioned in this thread are unlikely.
  9. I Love Haida Gwaii

    I Love Haida Gwaii Active Member

    If you live in AB then the sales tax is only 5%. That's what I have been told anyways.
  10. Rockfish

    Rockfish Well-Known Member

    Not to mention the larger/heavier the boat and trailer, the larger, more costly and higher operating cost you will have with the truck needed to tow it.
  11. captmike

    captmike Member

    a lot depends what you want besides fishing:eek:vernight-great to have a table to sit at where you can look out (have a beer,glass of wine,meal),galley, most women will want a head with shower, a fly bridge gives you that with a cuddly forward. I checked the Evinrude iDock for $7,900-makes sense that we should all master docking esp on a boat under26' without bow thruster or iDock. It doesn't usually work to creep into a dock as there is usually wind,tide so have the boat underway (1 kn or so) angled to the dock then at the last minute angle the OB or outdrive to the dock and reverse (this seems basic but we've all seen some hilarious docking). you can also save $20-$30,ooo by buying 1-2 yr old.
  12. ericl

    ericl Active Member

    When push comes to shove, I'd ditch the docking option first. Next would be the RADAR for seeing birds, or anything else related to taking a 24' boat Tuna Fishing; probably not enough fuel capacity & definitely not enough fish/ice capacity. Either that or tow the boat down to Oregon where they come in closer.
  13. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    Totally agree. If you own a Yamaha Or Suzuki in my town and have a motor failure you are towing to Port Alberni or paying for a mobile mechanic when he has time

    RPM and it’s Mercurys own Tofino
  14. Prairie Locked

    Prairie Locked Active Member


    I just learned that I have a contact at Ecko marine in Alberta Beach in you need something from an Evinrude perspective locally.

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