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  1. saltydawg

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    I see Thriftys has whole pork legs at $1 a lb again this week. There was a great thread on here previously about what guys were doing with a whole leg.I can,t find it now. I think Wolf was smoking it but I can,t remember now??? Ideas?
  2. wolf

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  3. Tsquared

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    I saw that ad: I’ll be getting 1 for sure. I smoke it low and slow (200-220)with my favourite bbq rub on. I did mine whole last year but at 20 plus pounds per leg, it took over 20 hours to get to the desired internal temp of 185. I roll smoke for 4 or 5 hours, then it’s just a matter of cooking it. I use a Bradley and after the 4 hour smoke, I put the leg in my oven for the rest of the time. I’m going to use Roy’s method of dividing the leg up into 3 or 4 pieces to reduce the cooking time. Once it’s reached the 185 mark, I shred (pull) it and bag it in individual serving bags for the freezer. These I use for pulled pork Sammie’s, chilli, even curries.
    As an aside, my Bradley smoke generator gave up the ghost last year after 13 years of use, and instead of buying a new generator, I bought a little stainless tray called an amazin pellet smoker. I put this in the bottom of my Bradley box and it’s good for at least 8 hours of smoke(although I never roll smoke for that long.) I’ve also stuck it under one side of my bbq and smoked chicken. I love this thing.
  4. Rain City

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    I have two of them for my big chest smoker. Total game changer. I light both ends of each to get more smoke and its good for about 5 hours. I've been using the "dust" for the past couple years but my 20lb order is getting low. I'm interested to see how the pellets perform.
  5. Tsquared

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    I’ve used “Texas mix” pellets which are hickory for chicken, pork and cheese. I had trouble finding alder pellets here in Victoria for salmon but eventually I ordered a bag through Home hardware. I used the alder on both cold smoked spring and hot smoked coho strips, both turned out well. The pellets work great and are sure cheaper than Bradley pucks. Sorry for the hijack, Salty!
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  6. wolf

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    Got my 5 today gonna put it all into hams, I use everything even the rind and fat I grind up then mix with bird seed homemade suet blocks
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    1E091002-0EC4-4C16-B5DE-B7600A463AD8.jpeg Have done a few pork legs in the Bradley, this is a pic of my first two years ago. Picked up another on today, going to put it in tomorrow afternoon for dinner Friday night. Seems like Every time I do a beef roast or pork leg in the smoker, the extended family show up to visit. Oldest daughter is flying back to the east coast Saturday for school, so this is her final dinner request, didn’t have to twist my arm too much.
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