What Does Your Boat Weigh?

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  1. GDW

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    I doubt I'm alone here. I've had a boat for about four years and don't have any real idea as to how much it weighs. So if you have weighed your boat please post the make, model, size, accessories (including motors), type of trailer etc. and its weight fully loaded with fuel and gear.

    If we get a bunch of responses it should help other guys guesstimate their boats weight.

    I have a 1979 17 ft Hourston glasscraft on a highliner bunk trailer. It has two 4-stroke motors a 60 and an 8.

    I'm guessing fully loaded the rig does not exceed 3,000 pounds. I should get it on a scale the next time I have it out and about.
  2. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    Wellcraft 22' coastal W/A with honda 225 and 9.9 was 6500# with half a tank of fuel at the scales in duncan.
  3. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Well-Known Member

    23.5 Pursuit 4800 pounds dry, with gear and full fuel just north of 6000 lbs.
  4. k_im

    k_im Member

    27' 4" Grady: 6700lb dry; fully loaded around 9200lb.

    Trailer: Roadrunner bunk type, dual axle 10,550 payload
  5. Hookin'up

    Hookin'up Well-Known Member

    05 gulfstream with twins and both fuel tanks full right around 8800
    my campion explorer 622wa with 4.3 inboard and full fuel was 4800
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  6. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    16.5 Double Eagle,115 Johnson,8 hp. Honda. Karavan Trailer.Dry about 2000 lbs. With all gear and 15 gals. fuel about
    2300 lbs. Trailer weighs 400 lbs.
  7. Whole in the Water

    Whole in the Water Well-Known Member

    Pete take it to the weigh scale off the Pat Bay highway beside Elk Lake and find out how much it weighs for sure.
  8. JAC

    JAC Well-Known Member

    22 foot c dory twin 40's, full fuel, and water on a truck scale around 4500lbs.
  9. seadna

    seadna Well-Known Member

    That's including the trailer weight.
  10. JAC

    JAC Well-Known Member

    Yes the hull is 1950lbs plus twin 40 that's about 2450lbs. Trailer is 1150 so were at 3550 plus fuel water and gear grand total less then 4500lbs. With half fuel and water it was around 4000lbs at the truck scale in kaleden b.c. Cdory are light and easy to tow that's one reason why people love them.
  11. fishyboy99

    fishyboy99 Active Member

    The weight of our new aluminum's, with engines and a full load of fuel (100gal), weighted in at the Kaye Rd scales was 6320lbs, not including trailer. No lead or fishing gear on board as well. Not bad for a 26'3" x 10'6" wide boat :) (over 30' with engines and anchor roller). Extremely happy with the new design, easy to run and fish out of, plus easier to clean than our smaller boats:).


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  12. mayday

    mayday Member

    dredging up an old thread - recently picked up a 17' Hourston, 5ohp 4-stroke plus kicker, various gear etc. boat is in reasonable shape but trailer is going to need work, so am considering a new one. Boat is supposedly 1k #s, motor 400ish, gear probably another 400 - anybody ever actually put one of these on a scale? Dont want to buy one not quite up to the task.
  13. This past summer, I ran my truck with my just completed, fully loaded and fuelled 17.5 Double Eagle project boat/trailer over the scales at the Cumberland Pidgeon Lake dump. I then uncoupled the boat and trailer, and went over the scales again with just the truck. A quick bit of math gave me the total weight of the boat and trailer at very close to 3000 pounds. A quick check of the trailer label gave me the weight of the trailer and a bit more math gave me the weight of my fully loaded Double Eagle - which came in at very close to 2500 pounds.

    Unfortunately, the weight of the boat and trailer coming in at at 3000 lbs meant that I was over the GVW as listed on the trailer label by a good 500 pounds. Not wanting to give ICBC any chance of an “out” on any possible future claim, I had Courtenay Spring and Welding provide me with all the components required for a 3500 pound axle, which I assembled and installed, and they then - as a Registered ICBC Vehicle Inspection Station - inspected, approved and certified my trailer for a GVW of 3500 pounds. So, now I have a rig that weighs in at 500 lbs less than the GVW of the trailer.

    I also took that Vehicle Inspection paperwork in to ICBC to make sure my insurance was updated to reflect the newly authorized GVW.

    That $10 charge to weigh my rig at the Pidgeon Lake facility gave me all the info I needed to make ensure that my rig wasn’t overloaded, is safe to tow, and that ICBC couldn’t ever deny a claim for having an overloaded trailer. $10 well spent.

    If you are not certain of the weight of your rig, run it over some scales somewhere and check it out - you may get a surprise, like I did. ....I hope that you don’t, though. And then you can ensure that you won’t run afoul of some zealous ICBC Investigator, either. Good luck.

    PS - My 17.5 DE is equipped with a 115 Yamaha main and an 8 hp Yamaha kicker (both 2-strokes), and a 110 litre internal fuel tank. It was originally powered by a Volvo Penta IO, and was converted to an outboard on a pod.
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  14. While I was at ICBC getting my trailer registration/insurance updated (see above) I was given some sage advice regarding how you list the GVW of your trailer on the paperwork.

    Some people list their trailer’s GVW at ridiculously low levels - in order to save about $10 to $20 bucks per year. My next door neighbour bought a very nice 24’ Bayliner, and the paperwork actually listed the trailer’s GVW at 700lb (yes, seven hundred).

    The ICBC people at the counter will certainly let you list your trailer at whatever GVW you state - but that same zealous ICBC Investigator will pick up on that, and that “savings” of $10 to $20 bucks turns into something called “fraud” - something that ICBC seriously frowns on. Your registration/insurance should match the trailer specs on the label exactly.

    And most importantly - as was pointed out by another forum member via PM - that trailer insurance ONLY covers the trailer - NOT that very expensive boat sitting on it. After spending 8 years rebuilding my DE, trust me - I have my boat properly insured, through Hub Insurance.
  15. AlK

    AlK Well-Known Member

    Very good information. One of the things that companies that sell boats usually do is undersell the trailer. Just one other thing to take into consideration, make sure that the trailer tires are rated to handle the GVW of 3500 lbs. On my previous boat and trailer I had to upgrade the wheel size to get tires that would handle the increased weight.
  16. Yep - I had to do that as well. One thing I really did notice - and appreciate- was that on the upgraded wheels and properly inflated tires, man-handling the unit around was like it was now on ice skates. Super easy. The old undersized and seriously overloaded tires made moving it around a real bear.

    Thanks for mentioning that - greatly appreciated!
  17. mayday

    mayday Member

    that's why i thought the original op had a good idea with this thread - real data - so hopefully there is someone out there with a low powered Hourston who has run it over a scale - i don't mind getting a 2400lb if needed - but if she only needs a 2000lb, save a buck or two
  18. Fisherman Rob

    Fisherman Rob Well-Known Member

    My 17' Double Eagle with 100 l of fuel, 115 Yamaha 2 stroke, and kicker on the trailer weighs in at 1430 kg on the Elk Lake scales. Add about 70 kg on the tongue it's about 1500 kg which is 3300 lbs.

    Thinking about it, tongue weight is more likely around 150 kg, but never measured. It's more than 70 though for sure.

    I'm also thinking it's very likely your 17' Hourston + trailer exceeds 3000 lbs fully loaded.
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  19. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    Arima 19 SeaRanger Skip Top, fully filled and loaded just under 4,000# incl. trailer.
  20. ericl

    ericl Well-Known Member

    1978 33ft Chris Craft Catalina - factory weight of 15,000 lb

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