Well, someone stole my spoon design and misreprenting as their own...not cool.

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Andrew P, Sep 23, 2019.

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    Not sure how patents work in fishing gear there’s tons of brands of spoons that are basically the same. Ditto that for flashers, teasers, hootchies, hell even the buzz bombs have rip offs.

    I suppose the difference is those are old products and likely the patent has expired while the AP is a relatively new product despite its obvious similarities with a coho killer and other pre existing spoons.

    True sport fishers will buy the quality product as we know what it’s like to lose a nice fish to cheap gear.
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    While we on the topic how do paint schemes work seems like every company now has a version of hearing aid.
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    Amundsen seems to carry some "very similiar" products to others. Herring aide spoon for one and a jig that very closely resembles the Mac Deep. Maybe legal. Probably some sneaky legalese or offshore, cross border mfg. thingamadealio.
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    More of a thingamajiggy me thinks.
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    Andrew - I have a significant number of your spoons and they are high quality and work well. In our dealings you were service oriented, helpful, friendly and professional. Will continue to support your company and your originality by buying more. Keep doing what you do. Once the paint and decals peel off the cheap Chinese knockoffs the market will dry up.
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    what's his website and email?
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    jbeath@gte.net is his email. I told him what a DICK he is yesterday
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    I copy and pasted Andrew's Facebook post about this right onto Silver Horde's FB page
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    It is a tough situation. I recall that in the early days of Buzz Bombs they were successful in getting a lure called Flutter Fish off the market. It work on the same principal in that it spun around the line going through it, but looked different. The Buzz Bomb designed was rather unique and reasonably defendable and I believe they did have a patent pending.

    As I understand it, the issue with patents is more than just the cost of getting one. Once you have it you also have to defend it legally and continuously. That is very expensive and while big corporations can do it, I suspect it is behold the ability of most small artisan producers. The guy ripping off the design is not a large deep pockets corporation, so it may be worth having a US lawyer send out a few letters to him and the retailers and see what happens.

    PS - we have some of the AP spoons and they work well and more importantly are very well made and will last. Some of the Chinese made junk spoons are good for a season and then you throw them away and buy new ones for the next year.
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    LFS is advertising the spoons on there Facebook page leave them a message!
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    What a smuck. you have a following on here. i dont buy many spoons save for a few luhr jensen but if i do i will be sure to get some of yours.
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    Just ordered a 6 pack of anchovies. First time customer and wont be the last time. Thanks for bringing this to everyones attention. I hope all goes well for you.
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    Hey guys, where can I get my hands on some AP spoons? I would like to support Andrew and maybe catch some salmon while I'm at it :D
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    Click on the Dealer icon.
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    I let the guys at swains know how I felt about the ez spoons on there racks.
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