Times Colonist: For the sake of orcas, don’t hook a chinook

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    Yet another misguided article in the Times Colonist, calling for Sportfisherman not to fish when the closures are lifted.


    I have lost a lot of respect for the David Suzuki Foundation. Even the title " don't hook a Chinook" says a lot. Why are they not calling for the removal of nets from the Fraser River, which will have a far greater impact on restoring salmon runs. In addition they bring up concerns over the missing orca, without also pointing out that it believed some of the Orca remain in California waters, where record number of Chinooks are returning to the rivers. No talk of the impacts by pinheads. No talk of the abundance of Chinook being reported from Northern Vancouver Island and Haida Gawaii. Yet given the lack of a serious coordinated response from the sportfishing community, we can bet that closures will only get worse. It would be great if sport fisherman advocates near the Fraser and other rivers starting taking pictures to show the wall of nets that await chinook and post them on social media to make the public aware that sport fishing is not the problem here.
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    Need a rebuttal from SFI
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    My rebuttal for tommorows protest. I have also made Check tv aware.

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    Well opening day up in Campbell River, a couple professional anglers I know released 17 Chinook salmon in a couple hours because they were all too big for the slot limit. It was going on all around them too. There’s no shortage of fish folks, it’s bs. This closure was political pure and simple. Save the orca is misguided, it will turn into save the seals next year. This government is misleading the public. Science is on our side so they’ll simply say whatever they need to in order to push an agenda. Awful, businesses being crippled over this and what will we get out of it? Tax increases and a loss of fishing privileges.
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    Good luck finding a white spring that makes the slot.
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    From 2019 at The Outpost in Haida Gwaii. Yeah leave the Chinook alone.

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    From Facebook Bon chovy

    While the David Suzuki Foundation was putting the final touches on their "Don't hook a chinook" article, David Suzuki himself was up in Haida Gwaii....hooking chinook! What an absolute hypocritical organization and leader. Not only is David Suzuki and his foundation evidently hypocritical, but they are scapegoating the public fishery and FAILING to act in the best interests of threatened Fraser River Chinook Salmon. DNA and Coded Wired Tag Data has PROVEN that marine impacts on threatened 4-2 and 4-2 Fraser chinook are insignificant. With the DFO working around a 0.8 percent explotation rate on threatened Fraser Stocks in recreational and commercial fisheries in marine areas in 2019, it is shameful that the David Suzuki Foundation is clearly ignoring this DFO data in order to mislead the Canadian public. The BC coast is trying to enjoy an excellent year of chinook abundance in quite some time and rightfully so. I am sure David Suzuki himself witnessed the fabulous chinook fishing on his sport fishing vacation during the week of July 5th, 2019.

    Speaking of Fraser River Chinook stocks of concern, the David Suzuki Foundation surely has the DFO data showing that Marine Fisheries have insignificant impacts on 5-2 and 4-2 chinook with management restrictions utilized in recent years. As scientists, why is there no push to halt the daily gill netting in the Fraser River on the exact stocks of concern, or no talk of seal predation on outgoing chinook smolts,or no action on middle/upper Fraser enhancement programs, or no action or talk to push for swift action on Upper Fraser Watersheds in the face of a changing climate. Are they in bed with the Federal Government.. it is becoming very clear. Why are they not celebrating the incredible abundance of chinook overall this year in BC Waters? Save the orcas, save the salmon, and do not listen to the Hypocrital David Suzuki Foundation.

    Georgia Strait Alliance Jonathan Wilkinson Ken Hardie - MP, Fleetwood-Port Kells Todd Doherty, MP
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    What a complete joke.

    Do as I say...not as I do.
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    Google "david suzuki exposed". :rolleyes:
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    Who is all in that photo? Anyone know?
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    David Suzuki, Willie Mitchell and...thats all I got. lol
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    From Raincoast site.

    Local expedition cruise company Maple Leaf Adventures is committing a 10-year, $100,000 donation to Raincoast Conservation Foundation, starting today. It’s an example of how tourism business and conservation can work hand-in-hand on the British Columbia coast

    Pretty clear what the agenda is here. Eco tourism has bought them off!
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    Just a bunch of hypocritical assholes.

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    So $10,000 per year!

    What a joke.

    How Much do sportfishers contribute?

    It’s time we all donated to SFI and they make a donation on a pass through basis to PSF and make a giant campaign about all the $ the sector donates. I’m sure you could arrange a way to make sure individuals get the tax benefit of their donation.
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    It’s not the size of the donation I was pointing out, but rather the fact that these two organizations have partnered.
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    Fair enough.

    PSF has a huge number of individual donors who donate $10,000 in any given year.

    I bet most of them are anglers.
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    This gets even more interesting. Riddle me this who is that at the far right down. Take a guess.
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    I got nothing... The guy beside Willie looks familiar
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