So.. Does fishing seem twice as good when you can only keep half as many?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Tips Up, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Has all of the Avid Angler DNA that was provided been processed? A well known DFO representative had said this spring at our SFAB meeting chaired by our newly minted SFAB rep said they hadn't got to most of it yet. Over 4000 samples there, IIRC.

    Let's not forget the massive DNA campaign in Rivers Inlet around 13 years ago where the DNA was not used after being collected. A well respected guide on this forum can confirm this.

    And DNA has squat to do with non retention of hatchery marked fish. I applaud the efforts of those working for our fishery, but it would seem that management of our fishery is now turning into a tool to be used for "reconciliation".

    I was on the DNA bandwagon for a number of years with many of the guides in area 19/20. No one from DFO could actually say how many samples would be required to ensure an accurate cross section of our fishery was captured. They could say "We need more" but not "If we count X number of boats on the water and get around X samples and X number of logbook entries, we can manage the fishery scientifically instead of just shutting it down". Yep, I was at most of those meetings and I flat out asked "How much is required", and was just being told "You need to do more".

    Since no one can quantify what us terrible stewards of area 19 and 20 must produce for data, it's really a hard goal to make. How many log books for the Gulf of Georgia and DNA samples were turned in versus Area 19/20?

    I'm not making a dig at any group here, but pointing out what I have observed. Saying area 19/20 is not doing enough is pointless without letting us know what "enough" is.

    Oh, and fishing is spectacular in our area right now too...
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    Should be done.

    Not talking this year. Your last 5 years is horrible, but it will get better.

    Your getting hammered because of that btw. I hope your doing it.

    Anyways I m derailing here sorry.
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    I said earlier that fishing has been 4 or 5 times better this year. So even with the reverse Polish math with the 1 fish retention it is easily twice as good this
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    I actually don't mind the lower retention limits, with less people on the water it has been very enjoyable this year. That being said the earlier closure was unfortunate as the May and June fishing can be wonderful.
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    I only was able to fish this past week. Did not get a chance to be out in June or July. The last week was very good for us. With the one fish per person, it was some quick limits a couple of days.

    Personally, I am ok with the reduced annual limits. I think retaining 10 springs as a household is plenty for my personal consumption. My girlfriend and I retained eight fish between 10 and 25 this week. Will give a few pieces to non-fisher friends and freeze a bit to use by Christmas.

    I used to fish a lot the mid-2000s off Powell River and anecdotally my trips out the past few years (say 2012 on) on my family visits home have been much better than then.
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    It would be interesting to see how many licenses and salmon tags have been purchased this year compared to years prior. I would assume alot more...
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    Why would you assume more licenses? Cut the season in half and you expect more licenses? I’d think that many people gave up the sport after all the uncertainty in the beginning
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    How well did that DNA help us this year from the closure from april 18th to july 15??? i have the data from over 6000 entries.... and guess what not alot of fraser fish IF THEY did use science based id be all over it but when they **** us year after year why bother really..... they close it as they dont want to "deal" with us they would rather give the natives everything and thats reality
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    They completley disregarded your Rivers Inlet DNA program as well didn't they?
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    I here you, but if you want a future there you are going to have to come to same conclusion we all do. Without DNA data we can never push back on the department. How has the push back to collect none done down there? Not you but other guides? As far as I know it is all mostly done on CWT data ( low head returns) and just general guide logbook, and creel surveys. Not very strong DNA which is what is needed.

    We need as much data as we can. The day we go to court or defend ourselves the "well I did data in past and they ignored it is not going to work"? Why do you think Renfrew has different limits than you do there? It is data. The minister making amended to 1NM WCVI surf line early this year after his decision? Why did he do that? That again was because of data. Did data work everywhere? No not saying it did but it has shown it can be used to argue our case.

    Now I know you did do it, and are jaded from handing it in. This really did hurt your area so you know, and I completely understand why. Anyway we should start another thread on this if you guys want.

    BTW the creel surveyor at Hardy took DNA from my fish when I was there. Not sure if this is going on in Sooke right now.
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    Early Fraser chinook have to go down eather side and it’s has been document they mostly go though the JDF.

    Basically you would be proving the the max size limit can effectively avoid early Fraser chinook.

    So the data over the last 10 years when those max size limits were in would be very important in proving they were effective. CWT fish are not helpful because they are marked and you were allowed to retain marked chinook.
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    Yes 3rd time being f%^ked in the arse ill never do it again, until they give us a reason TO DO again like give us a real season or take the slot off then ill be more then happy to do my part but 12 years of doing "my part" and see what they did why would anyone??? thats like going back to get punched in the head over and over again in a abusive relationship sorry ill pass....
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    creel survey dude took dna from my chinooks caught the other day in CR. fishing still insane good here, but it feels like it’s starting to wind down
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    I agree. I think one Chinook per day and 10 per year per person is reasonable. They are really special fish and should be considered trophies.

    If the early shutdown of commercial, recreational and Indigenous fishing helped the Chinook populations and gave us the kind of amazing Chinook fishing we have been enjoying in August, at least here in Sooke, one could argue that it is a great model for following years.
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    Don’t worry, Wilkinson will spin it that he’s responsible. I haven’t any doubt.

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