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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by Jamie Munroe, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Jamie Munroe

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    Hey folks. I am from NS and am travelling with my 12 year old for the Lacrosse Championships of Canada in late August. We have a couple days after the tournament to fish and am wondering if any of you have or know where a list of lakes that can be shore fished for largemouth or smallmoutb. And generally which one is bigger in BC? I will be staying in Surrey and am willing to drive an hour or two for a chance at a big one from shore!
    I know bass aren’t loved by all. But they are all I fish for here back home. (We don’t have largemouth) I am also a tournament fisher.
    Thanks. Jamie.
  2. Dogbreath

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    There's next to nothing within striking distance-some small creatures in the backwaters of the Pitt, a few in the Vedder system and up in Cultus Lake but nothing worth spending the money on a freshwater licence for.

  3. halimark

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    Now if you came to Vancouver Island Vic area things would be different. Tons of lakes, Elk, Beaver, Langford, Thetis, Durance, Matheson all close with well defined shore access and tons of small mouths from shore.

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    Well my first post here but lets make some friends or get burned alive.... Lots of Largemouth locations on the coast with some excellent quality fish (personal best largemouth is from down there) but access to these waters is often tough and worse if you don't have a boat. No smallies down there, Island bound or to the Okanogan if you want to get into them seriously. Sorry for the news.
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