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Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by finaddict, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. finaddict

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    So the brake pads in my 15 year old 1106 downriggers have finally worn to the point of replacement (again, I replaced them once about 7 years ago) . I phoned up Scotty parts (toll free) in Victoria and they are sending me a couple sets no charge. This old school style of business management and customer support is why Scotty has such a great reputation and why I will be a supporter of their products forever. ( and no, I have no affiliation with this company)

    Scotty is a company renowned for innovation and for being there to back up their product. Thanks Scotty!
  2. BarryA

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    And the fact that you can do a full tear down and rebuild ON THE WATER in a pinch is a testament to their design. Simple == better. I've even had to make repairs while lines are down.

    I buy replacement parts from a local tackle shop (pads, springs, gears, etc). The cost of the parts is always less that $5. Scotty doesn't gouge you on the maintenance stuff (ala printer ink).

    Honest and reputable company, don't see that a lot these days.
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  3. michael_reiber

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    Can attest to this as well, we have 1106s and the drum on the one cracked so we brought it in and they replaced it free of charge, we normally try to take them in for a annual tune up each year, free of charge of course, they even put new switches on for us last year for free.
  4. scott craven

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    Best local company that supports fishermen/women all over the coast.
    Can't beat their great service !
  5. Aridhol

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    Stories like these and what I heard from my father and uncle made it so I didn't even consider anything else.
  6. Gong Show

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    Just picked up a couple of HP downriggers at PNT yesterday.
    The Alvey reel story made me think twice of buying used, got to keep the good guys in business!
  7. Rockfish

    Rockfish Well-Known Member

    The difference in price between new and used is in my view, more than made up by being able to register them and having the lifetime warranty. I have been using Scotty riggers for decades and the warranty is easily worth the difference. If you live on lower VI and therefor close to the factory, and can drop them off and pick them up at the service desk, even more so. Further, parts are easily available and stocked in many retailers..
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  8. halimark

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    Same reason I will always have scotty downriggers or any other product they make and I want on my boats, awesome company and local is a bonus. Big shout out to Scotty.

  9. NootkaSounder

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    Where have you found the best price for Scotty high performance?
  10. capt hook

    capt hook Well-Known Member

    just wish they would stand behind their crap digital counters as well...
    just bought another in spring and is not working already...
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  11. BarryA

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