Race for the Blue Tuna Shoot-out-

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Derby, Aug 8, 2018.

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    Interesting, thanks, you don't see that type of boat very often up here in cold water. Kinda hard to stay outta the weather with that but it looks to be around 35'. Is there ever any 23' to 26' glass boats out there or is that too small?
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    Yup.....sexy boat. Great name too after the cup wins. ;);)
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    we plugged a 23' boat 2 days in a row a few years back. probably the smallest I would ever go out in. the fish where at 50 mile so very do-able in good weather.

    I have a 26 and so does my bud and we have gone out to 90 with good weather. that is the key, stable weather. oh, and fuel mileage.
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    Enjoyed the read.

  5. Falcon

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    Thanks...I’ve said this before but I’m going to either charter or go out with someone, or both, to see what it’s all about. I hear it’s addictive :)
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    It is fun!!! The only challenge with booking a charter is you need to have a few days window in case of weather, or if the warm water moves out etc. Also you have to hope the charter isn't so busy that if you can't go on a specific day you may have some leeway for the tuna gods to line things up for you. That's how it worked for me..... got a message on the Thursday or Friday before Labour Day weekend saying "Sunday looks good....if you're in then let's go!". Thanks @Fishtofino still arguably my best day on the water. :cool:

    I had a buddy who went to Kyuquot for a 4 day window with the sole intent of tuna fishing with Murphy I think it was; not a chance due to weather and they had to resign to fishing inside waters.
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  7. Falcon

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    I'm on a '28 on / 28 off' rotation back and forth to the Middle East (oil & gas) so my windows for fishing when I'm home are pretty wide open :D
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    You're not kidding! Only thing I would say is if booking a charter.....book multiple days with the intention of salmon/hali/bottom dweller fishing and HOPE for a tuna window. What happened to my buddies in Kyuquot is a prime example as the entire reason for the trip was tuna but inshore salmon fishing ended up being the program.

    Other thing may be to reach out to individual operators and let them know you may be good to go on short notice if they are looking to fill days and the tuna gods look like they are aligning.
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    Wow! Great read and great pics! Maximum effort to stay in the game! Congrats on the win ! Thank you for sharing your adventure!
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