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Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Weinstein, Aug 1, 2014.

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    Same with me Fishnfnatic. I was out on Monday from 3:30 - 6 (my anniversary with the gf). Got tossed around a lot with the wind and tide (sorry for anyone I cut off by accident) Got a 12# on a purple onion flasher / glo green teaser head within 20 minutes and got another 11# at the spit shortly before sunset on the same rig. That's 4 decent chinooks for me too this year :) Caught a couple shakers on a white / glo hoochie that I was trying out for fun.

    Would be nice to get into at least one teen this year. But I'm certainly not complaining .

    Out again on Friday - word has spread I own a boat and now I'm playing Guide to my friends. Tough life. They're paying for gas! :D
  2. Nigels

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    Why? I don't see any closures for 18.4 or am I missing something?
  3. Chumbawumba

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    I hope you are kidding but I am afraid you are not.

    Anyways, DFO regs are not the most user-friendly but we all need to read them regularly in order to not break the law.

    Fishers are requested to check for the opening times and any restrictions in
    their local area. There are no planned commercial or recreational fisheries on
    sockeye at this time.

    All notices / regs can be found here and they are updated regularly so you need to keep checking back -

  5. Nigels

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    Forgive me if I am being thick but following your posted link I only read that area 18.6-18.8 is closed for ALL salmon. Nothing about Sox, can you give me the FN # that says 18.4 is closed for anything?
  6. Nigels

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    Thanks for the links, followed both but can't see where it says 18.4 is closed for Sox, I ca only find closure for 18.6-18.8, perhaps I need to clear my cache or something??? can you give me the FN# that states this.

  7. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Unless stated in the tables, there is no fishing for any Salmon species, Sockeye included and you need to check in season changes. Check the first link in Tincans post, that is a link to the notice.
  8. High Time

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    Copied below a portion of Fishery Notice 0929 August 25/2015

    First Nations food, social and ceremonial (FSC) fisheries in marine areas and
    the Fraser River mainstem up to French Bar Creek remain closed to sockeye
    retention at this time. It is highly unlikely that there will be any sockeye
    directed FSC fisheries in non-terminal areas for the remainder of the season
    unless sockeye run size increases (Summers and/or Lates) such that TAC becomes
    available. FSC fisheries upstream of French Bar Creek remain open to sockeye
    retention as low catches have been recorded to date.

    Fishers are requested to check for the opening times and any restrictions in
    their local area. There are no planned commercial or recreational fisheries on
    sockeye at this time.
  9. Nigels

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    Guys I am fairly new to the area so am trying my best to learn all the regs and areas etc. Because of this I do check on line the regs before I go out and fish, religiously that is, I even print the stuff to take with me so I have it on the boat. So I have looked at the regs that Chumbawumba pasted a link, the same regs that I always use and look at by the way, and what I have read and understand, it says nothing in there at all about this sockeye non retention, then the fisheries notice FN 0929 says: "fisheries in marine areas and the Fraser River mainstem up to French Bar Creek remain closed to sockeye" For the life of me as a newbie to the area how am I supposed to know where the heck they are talking about and tie this in with are 18.4, I mean they made all the maps, divisions and areas and even refer to closures in these divisions in the area 18 rules and regs, so why on earth can't they refer to areas by number in this glib and ambiguous FN 0929? And FGS why can't the area 18 rules and regs be updated to include this, how much of an effort can that be for them?

    Sorry for the Rant but quite frankly hw on earth do they run this organisation?
  10. Moparmoose

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    Your saying no retention for all salmon or just sockeye. Pink are off limits?
  11. Big Green Machine

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  12. Moparmoose

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  13. tincan

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    Nigels, you are not alone in your frustration with how the regs are presented by DFO. From the licensing system to area charts to in-season reg changes, many people (myself included) can try their best to sort it all out and can still make mistakes. That said, it is the system we have as of now (hopefully they are changing things soon to make it more user friendly) and the onus is on us fishermen to make sure we're abiding by the rules. At the end of the day, if you are fishing in a closed area or retain a fish that is off limits or use gear that is illegal it is your own damn fault and you would and should be fined if they actually had a decent number of conservation officers around to enforce these rules.

    Forums like this can be great for clarifying certain rules, etc but as seen on previous threads there is certainly a variety of ways members here read the same regs.

    Anyways, back to fishing reports. I've heard the bluffs have had some very hot and very cold days recently. Really just need to be there when the fish are moving by I guess as they don't seem to be holding from what I've heard.

  14. haha49

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    I caught 4 pinks in 20 minutes at the bluffs I simply waited 1 hour after low tide and went to the second rip from shore it's not fun fishing in there because of the really strong current but you get hit after hit in there. Blue or green flasher with pink wool or a moochie 34 pulls for the rod gets it down to about 30ft and that's were they're. Just troll 90 degrees to the current not with it or against it as you simply troll to fast because of it or don't move anywhere.

    Other times you have them jumping in the boat but nothing biting so it's hit or miss if your at the wrong time I would have better luck trying to catch them in the air with the net then using a rod sometimes.
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  15. Nigels

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    Went out for a few hours this morning, with visitors, so hard work, boated one 9lb spring about 2 hours after low then nothing else. I saw one much bigger spring being boated also. A few pinks were being caught but I have a freezer full so didn't bother I wanted that 30lber, that didn't materialize. No sox either so the regs, which I still don't understand, were not needed LOL.

    Tight lines!
  16. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    Fished the bluffs yesterday from 7:00 till 3:00 PM.2 decent springs,both teeners again, 15 and 18 lbs.A good bite in the
    morning with the 15 lber landed and 3 others lost.Picked up the 18 lber around noon then not a sniff the rest of the day.
    Heading out again tomorrow to see if we can break the 20 lb. barrier!
  17. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    Hit the bluffs early Friday morning about 6:30 AM.Broke the teener run we were on with a nice 20 lber about 8:00 AM
    at 60 ft.Got the gear back down and had a double header just after 9:00.One 10 lbs.,the other a real nice 23 lber at 75 ft.Finished off our limit with a decent 12 lb. fish at 105 ft. at about 1:30 PM.No real bite going on,just spread out
    through the day.Pinks seem to be thinning out which helps on the bait.
  18. slader99

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    Sounds like a great day on the water! Are you fishing bait or spoons? I'm thinking I might try and get the boat wet once this summer and any help I can get is appreciated.


  19. RogersonCrusoe

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    Congrats on getting out of your teens fshn! :D Purple Onion / Green Glow Teaser?

    slader: I've had my best luck with the XL Anchovies, but lost my biggest fish on a cop car spoon. Best depths for me have been 200 feet of water with 65-80 on the downriggers. I have also been experimenting with a white hoochie with mixed results, but I don't feel I've dialled it in quite enough.

    See you out there!
  20. RogersonCrusoe

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    EDIT: Double Post. Sorry
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