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Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Weinstein, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Weinstein

    Weinstein Member

    Out this morning 6:30-12:30, two sockeye on, one bit thorough the leader and the other came off next to the boat. Then all went quiet and a the whales turned up, so many boats following the whales! We called it a day after that, dead calm, dead fishing.
  2. vanislehunter

    vanislehunter Active Member

    a sockeye bit through your leader? i think you're doing it wrong...
  3. High Time

    High Time Crew Member

    5 PM - 7:30 PM tonight , 3 hits, 2 hooked, 1 landed, lost the other back of boat, damn barbless hooks... First time out for sox this year. Fresh sockeye for dinner tomorrow. It's a start.
    Test sets very poor in Jaun de Fuca. Hopefully more Adams will come that way. Otherwise slim pickins...
  4. vetteman

    vetteman Active Member

    That's Sockeye fishing. You lose fish!
  5. Sparkie

    Sparkie Member

    Fished the bluffs from 4pm to 7:15pm. No fish. Almost no boats. Great afternoon on the water....flat, no wind and hot. Out tomorrow morning to give it another try. Onward.
  6. Starting to look like the masses of Sockeye may not be coming throught the inside?
  7. Sparkie

    Sparkie Member

    Fished the bluffs from 7am to 11:30am this morning. One bite, one sox in the boat...7lbs. 80ft. Did not see any others caught.
  8. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Fished the Bluffs a.k.a. "The Dead Sea" from 7am to noon. Lots of fog, lots of bait marked, but not a a sniff
  9. carpeweekend

    carpeweekend Crew Member

    Went for an afternoon fish today from 2 till 5. Ecstatic to catch a 3 pound Pink after 4 skunks in a row. Hopefully an omen of better days to come.
  10. carpeweekend

    carpeweekend Crew Member

    Went out last night after a week off the water. We picked up a nice 17 pound red and a small pink in about 4 hours of trolling. Seems to be lots of bait and a few fish marking the sounder. Fishing deep and purple seemed to be the ticket. So, still slow but certainly better than earlier in August.
  11. heliman

    heliman New Member

    Not so good for us. Only fish I saw caught was by a seal right by the boat. Pretty nice fish, too. Fair amount of bait and some arches, closer to Bedwell than where most the boats were trolling. Course I still couldn't scratch one up.
  12. Upgrade

    Upgrade New Member

    A little late, but on the 21st out after work managed to scratch up a 19# Spr. Ran 2 rods for sox's but nothing for me. Watched that same seal chow down on a nice 6 pound sockeye.
  13. lucky strikes

    lucky strikes Member

    boys.......any reports from the bluffs....headin over to saltspring this weekend
  14. Sparkie

    Sparkie Member

    Still fairly slow. Talked to a local guy. He picked up one Sox today and 3 y'day. Fished deep and early.
  15. Steve.o.

    Steve.o. New Member

    18 lb spring and 4 sockeye today from 9-2. Fished 250 ft of water between 100-150 on the rigger
  16. Hoochiebob

    Hoochiebob Well-Known Member

    Took my brother out yesterday for a morning fish. quick double header of sox around 7:30, then a high teen red spring around 1pm, followed up by some killer whales that ran right through the grounds. Top it off with some hot sun and no wind.
    Lots of bait and a fair amount of fish marked.Think it was the busiest I have ever seen it out there.
    A great day all around.
  17. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    A friend had been out last Monday and Wednesday and did well for springs and some sox.
    He invited me to go Friday and as I had never fished there I took the day off and we went.
    17.5lb, 15.5lb and 8lb springs plus 2 sox. Few other missed hits that I assume were sox.
    All fish caught early by 10 am then nothing until we picked up the 17.5lb spring on a sockeye hootch behind a 4 oz weight off the back. LOL

    Went back on Sunday and not a sniff. Tons of boats there Sunday and I only saw 3 small fish netted all morning.
    Tons of bait and fish marking but they had lock jaw.

    Beautiful area to fish. Very calm and hot!
    Quite different from Sooke.

  18. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Looks like I will have to zip out of Cow Bay....
  19. Nice work Tips! We were at the bluffs Saturday afternoon, and the only thing we caught was the Orca show as they passed through the fleet. First whale sighting for the girlfriend, so at least that was exciting. Trolled for a couple hours on Sunday morning as well. We didn't see any nets out but we got out late. Still counted about 40 boats though. Around 1pm we decided to have some lunch while heading home so I made a tack for Portland Island. Finally got a hit! About an 8lb coho. White UV hootchie, 95' on the rigger, 375' of water. We were 1/2 mile off the bluffs. A nice weekend to be on the water, but would have liked another fish or two. Might have to try again this week. SS
  20. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    "Looks like I will have to zip out of Cow Bay.... "

    Sorry Jarrod... should have been here yesterday.

    I don't fish Sidney waters much anymore but it seems to me its a "here today, gone tomorrow fishery"

    That's why I jumped on the opportunity to fish on Friday with my buddy while there seemed to be fish around.
    He had a some good days during the week but Saturday he got no springs and Sunday I got notta.


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