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  1. Battle Bay

    Battle Bay Member

    Looking at a 24 north river seahawk, woundering if there are any owner out there? How do you like it? Do you use it of the west coast of the island?
  2. truant

    truant Member

    I have a 26' North River. I have fished it at Swiftsure for halibut and beyond for tuna. I like the boat. Big deck and lots of storage. It rides good and the layout is logical for fishing. It has an f250 Yamaha for the main. The boat cruises at 25 knots turning 4400 rpm. The 24 has the same general layout depending on what sized fuel tank and cabin length it comes with.
  3. Stu

    Stu New Member

    I have a 24 North River Seahawk OS. I make an annual week-long trip to Ucluelet and several offshore trips in Washington for halibut and bottom fish. The rest of the time I fish in Puget Sound. The boat rides and handles well. I've had it out in some fairly nasty stuff and it did great. I have a Yami F225 for the main, which I feel is sufficient. Boat is rated up to 300 hp. Like Truant, about 25 knots around 4500 rpm for cruise. I have cabin seating for four. Fuel tank capacity is 120 gallons and I get around 2.2-2.6 mpg depending on conditions, so plenty of range. Lots of room for fishing in the back and a huge fishbox.
  4. eastpoint

    eastpoint Active Member

    Battle Bay

    I have a NR26'OS and I like the way it rides the big chop. Lots of room for fishing. I have only had mine for 6 months so I have not been on the west coast yet but I expect it will do well. You really have to try to get it to pound. I have been out to WCVI many times in a much smaller ALuminum boat so the NR26 will definitely be better. There are a lot of things done right on these boats. I have twin 150 yami and T8 kicker. Works for me.

    Lots of info on another site:

    Send me a PM and I can give you more feed back.

  5. Battle Bay

    Battle Bay Member

    The Boat that i'm looking at is a 24 seahawk soft top not the enclose cabin, talked with some people that have the 21 seahawk but none with the 24 soft top woundering how they ride??? and if the owners have any other coments about them.

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