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    So I purchased a new to me campion 185 a last year and am getting it ready for fishing this year. I used it last year with just the main motor for trolling, a 2006 merc 115 optimax. This year I would like to run over to trasher rock and would like to have my kicker with me just in case, I went to mount it, the transom has a cut out for it but the transom is too thick, see pictures. The bracket opening on the kicker is 2.5” while the transom thickness is almost the same. I think if I removed the screw tightners it would fit but then how so you secure it, not a great idea. Plus I also use the motor for my small lake boat so I need the screws. I don’t really want to drill a kicker mount. Has anybody run into this sort of problem and have any advice for a resolution? Can you get a mount with a bigger opening, my kicker is a 2006 Yamaha 2 stroke. Thanks

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    you need an aftermarket kicker bracket. look up under the battery tray area towards the kicker placement. from memory we had to hole saw and chisel the foam out to get long bolts and big washers for backing. the previous owner used lags and made a mess of the transom.
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    This is what I did on my Tyee. 100_0135.jpg 100_0135.jpg
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    I hung a 2009 8 horsepower Yamaha four stroke on my campion 185 without any problem. You might need a different trolling motor.

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