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  1. MadJigga

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    I just bought a new#used boat. It has an old kicker bracket I'm going to remove. I'm planning on a power tilt kicker. Whats your opinion on a fixed bracket?pod for the new kicker?
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  3. MadJigga

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  4. pescador

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  5. SteelyDan

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    @bentley made mine for me. Wicked job
  6. MadJigga

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  7. ExFlyGuy

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    I second @bentley work. He does very nice work at reasonable prices.
  8. cletus

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    Dss welding in Duncan also makes them.
  9. Buckethead905

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  10. pescador

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    The original design was straight off the transom. I had them add a bracket so I could bolt it to the swim grid for added rigidity. Works fine. I don’t think the swim grid is carrying any material weight. It just reduces vibration or potential flexing. I use the swim grid often and it’s still very solid.
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  11. Enniberg

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    I just had a new kicker installed on my boat by Breakers in Port Alberni. None of the usual sources for Arima specific fixed mount bracket was able to supply in the short term, but Breakers works with a guy that was able to fabricate a mount within a couple of days and the price much lower than I had dared to hope for.
  12. Rayvon

    Rayvon Well-Known Member

    Most of the welded aluminum fixed brackets are about $400-$500.When I bought mine and fitted the 9.9 Yamaha the power tilt motor hit the bracket so I had to cut it.I also didn't like how there was only about 4" of support at the top for the kicker mount so I had a 6" extension added to the bottom for better support and then I could bolt the motor in 4 spots instead of only 2.Of course I then had to have it re powder coated.It works perfectly now but it might have made more sense to have one custom made.

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