Kellahan Warrior 20

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  1. dkdivot28

    dkdivot28 New Member

    I have one and am working on fuel tank pickup.
    I took threaded nipple off but no tube. It fits at rear on starboard side.
    Anyone had any experience?

  2. gungadin

    gungadin Well-Known Member

    Do not know the boat, but if you are certain that it is the pickup you have taken out, you can measure down to the bottom of the tank and just install a new one. If it is not screwed in, it is probably silver soldered or sil fossed in place.
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  3. Tightlines22

    Tightlines22 Well-Known Member

    As mentioned already, are you certain it is the pickup you removed? The vent hose fitting often looks similiar.
  4. triplenickel

    triplenickel Well-Known Member

    I’d bet it would have a check valve in the threaded fitting you removed if it’s not the vent line.
  5. Fixit

    Fixit Well-Known Member

  6. dkdivot28

    dkdivot28 New Member


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