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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Rxfishing, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Rxfishing

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    My thought this Am, I have run lots of dummy flashers and they have always been on a short 60lb leader. I have had my fair share of tangles and messes especially with the crazy tides in Campbell River. Why could you not attach flasher directly to a down rigger clip ? No leader to wrap up no mess. I made up 4 to try today and see if they work. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this
  2. scott craven

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    Wouldn't the flasher drag cause the clip to release especially under strong current ?
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    I think he meant clip behind the flasher. You'd have the metal clip to the DR cable, some heavy line to the flasher a bit more line to the release clip.

    Interesting idea. You'd have to have really good swivels.
  5. Rxfishing

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  6. Rxfishing

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    Got rid of the zip tie and replaced with a clip
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  7. scott craven

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    So the flasher will now be right at the DR cable and the lure would be 15-20' back right ?
    do you think the flasher still serves as an attractor that far away ?
  8. high tide

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    No action or proper action from the flasher used like this.

    It needs to revolve. I use 6 ft length of heavy mono and attach two flashers in tandem.

    Works great fo me.
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    This works every time

  10. ILHG

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    I have heard of the double flasher set up. I like it
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  11. Aquaholic

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    From the pacific angler report. They agree with the dummy flashers for attracting sockeye in the sandy waters:

    For sockeye we recommend using 3-4 “dummy flashers” and then two flashers with small hoochies above that on the cable. The best colour hoochies historically have been hot pink with a glow head or a glow strip. Productive leader lengths have been from 22” up to 31” but most anglers fish about a 28” leader of 40 or 50 LB test. When it comes to flashers, the more flashers in the water the better. Sockeye love to follow the gear and will follow you, not the other way around if you make a big enough appearance. A great way to put those flashers you normally don’t use to good use.
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