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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by FishDoc, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. FishDoc

    FishDoc Active Member

    Got my hands on a Deeper PRO Plus and this was the First time using it on the ice. This little gadget has a great ice fishing mode that can work in conjunction with any wireless personal device with WiFi capabilities. While the original deeper I had used Blue Tooth and had a slight delay this WiFi device creates a more realistic display while fishing. This helps you read the action below the ice better in preparation to anticipate the next strike. If you're in the market for a portable fish finder that you can use in the summer or winter and fits in your pocket. This must be just what you need. Haha. No you don't have to buy it. Just thought I'd show you guys since I'm sure some of you are curious just like me.

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  2. bigdogeh

    bigdogeh Well-Known Member

    That is pretty kewl. nice and simple and don't have to carry around a portable fish finder, etc... Might be good to carry a spare charged battery with you if you'll be fishing all day.
  3. Hookin'up

    Hookin'up Well-Known Member

    Nice! now I want one, was easier then then either of my portables I pack around.
    nice to see the ice has formed already, me thinks I know that lake your on
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  4. FishDoc

    FishDoc Active Member

    Yeah I have a spare Cell Phone battery but forgot it at home. The Deeper has about a 4 hour life span of constant use. So if you have a fully charged phone battery it should last unless it is really cold. I started using it with only about 20 percent left that was the problem. I'll give it a better try when I'm out on the ice next week in AB and post something up here when its edited with better lighting on a bit of a cloudier day it should show up better.

    Yeah this is really handy and small. I literally carry it in my pocket around on the ice and really like it when I'm walking a distance into a lake and don't want to carry a bunch of gear. I have a Marcum flasher which I really like, but if you want to go light this thing is really good. Yeah you probably know the lake. Well known lake in Merritt area. I heard that these last few days of warm weather and rain have really weakened the ice. So might not be safe this weekend.
  5. bigdogeh

    bigdogeh Well-Known Member

    Just looked it up on amazon and it's not cheap...(was hoping it would be less... haha)
    I think it would be great if you could use it with an ipad or tablet... Give it a bit bigger screen...
  6. FishDoc

    FishDoc Active Member

    You can totally use it with an I pad or tablet. Lots of guys do. For some reason I have an older IPAD and it wouldn't load the old app. I'll have to try the new app. Cause that would be great!
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  7. Damien

    Damien Active Member

    I have an old humminbird portable. I swap out the screen with my new Helix5 Chirp Down Imaging and use it through the ice.

    I can split screen Downimaging with ice flasher display. Pretty neat.

    I just unclip the screen from my boat, throw it on the portable with the enclosed battery pack and go from liquid water to ice ready in 30 seconds.

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