Chetwynd Area

Discussion in '2017 Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by Ryan A, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Ryan A

    Ryan A Active Member

    Working in Chetwynd for awhile and looking for some local intel on some decent spots, not asking for anyone’s honey hole but just something to point a guy in the right direction. Thx
  2. Clint r

    Clint r Well-Known Member

    Jackfish lake. Been a while but it’s just a short ways out of town and has some pretty good sized pike in it.
  3. Ryan A

    Ryan A Active Member

    Awesome thx
  4. Ryan A

    Ryan A Active Member

    Also anywhere on the Pine river folks. Thx again
  5. noluck

    noluck Well-Known Member


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