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  1. bigmeal

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    Has anyone ever used one of these? Seems like a pretty cool idea if you are fishing alone or with young ones. I think the wife might feel better if I had one that's for sure. I would love to hear if there's any local knowledge on these gismos or if they are just another waste of money. Thanks
  2. tubbed out

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    bigmeal , you have to much time on your hands .........

    go tie some gear IL see ya in the am

  3. bigmeal

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    Gears already tied and ready to go. I'm just efficient. LOL
  4. Time

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  5. bigmeal

    bigmeal Member

    thanks TIME, I left the main link just because it showed more about the product. That price at boemarine is a really good price from what I have seen. I'm really interested if anyone has used one and what there experience has been. By the looks of responses, not many have. I don't know if I will shell out the money on locally untried product. Thanks
  6. mbowers

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    My neighbor just got one after I mentioned such a product exists. It looks great. No wiring required, it just plugs into the existing kill switch and uses a small motor to pop itself out of the existing switch. I would already have one for my boat except my motor blew up last week and there's not much need for a kill switch on a motor that doesn't run. :) You can also take it from boat to boat if you have more than one or your buddy doesn't have the wireless kill switch.
  7. pescador

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    Thanks for posting this. For $237 I'm going to buy one. I fish solo and think the more safety conscious you are, the better.
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  8. bigmeal

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    yah, I'm thinking of getting one for in the new year. Have to get a better life jacket first. Going to get an inflatable for christmas I hope.
  9. BoyWonder

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    i must say. there has been a few days out there were you see the elderly and unstable few stumbling around there boats. not a bad idea
  10. bigmeal

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    Are you calling me old Boy Wonder?? LOL. It's a good idea for all fisherman. I mean, why have a life jacket if you figure you will never need it? You still have it on board or better yet on your body because you know accidents happen all the time, good weather or bad. Take that boy wonder. LOL LOL
  11. Time

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    Glad you responded bigmeal.
    I thought wonderboy had seen me out there.

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