2019 Fraser Chinook Management Actions UPDATED!!

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by wildmanyeah, Jan 31, 2019.

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    And some wonder why we are a little bitter over having to seek new employment at the ages of sixty plus...

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    Here you go - hopefully this works.

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    It opens.
    THANKS !!
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    Should only be able to print your license once.They will never go back to the old way,to costly.
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    Wasn't Area G troll offered $30 million to give up allocation share? I'm guessing then that the $17 million left from that program will be now offered to the Rec sector as compensation for your allocation demands? Where do I sign up to get mine?
  8. IronNoggin

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    No, Area G was most certainly NOT "offered $30 million to give up allocation share". Not now, not then not ever.
    Instead their allocation has been quietly and surely stripped from them each passing year.
    Some went to FN's.
    The balance went to the rec sec.
    All the while DFO refused to hand over any of the compensation that was directly provided by the US to do so - even going so far as court so they could keep the funds and do with what they wished. Nice try though...

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