2018 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

Discussion in '2018 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by porcupine, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. porcupine

    porcupine Well-Known Member

    A new year has arrived so lets have some new reports!
  2. Original

    Original Well-Known Member

    Out today from 12-3:30 off the waterfront. Was a slow start with about 5 boats out and a few of them had fish while a few had nothing. Tried the AP sandlace spoons, skinny G Gibbs spoon, and some small anchovies in various heads. Had our only bite at 3 heading west near brochie on bait on the bottom around 98 ft. Was a really good fight when it turned into a screamer that had a monster seal surface with my huge ( has to be told this way) 12 lb bright chrome Spring in his mouth. Today the seal not only got my dinner but took my Purple Haze flasher, cream teaser head & expensive hook. #@#@* . I really love this sport as every day seems to have its own story.
    I did see this on my walk near Panama Phlats yesterday fro when the creek went over the trail.

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  3. Wheels

    Wheels New Member

    Waterfront from 8:30 to 11:30. One hit produced one small 3lb spring. 10 other boats on site, only one reported similar results.
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  4. fishspoon

    fishspoon Active Member

    was out with friends ...worked our way in waterfront...9ish am to 230 pm....4 winter springs released lost 2. 3 lb each and 1 at around 5 lb. Hootchie and spoon are workin'. still lookin' for bigger fish to keep.
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  5. PatyO'Furniture

    PatyO'Furniture Active Member

    who is fishing in the trotac derby on sunday?
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  6. Original

    Original Well-Known Member

    Got out Friday 11-3 off waterfront. Seen about 4 boats at the beginning and only 2 of us for the afternoon. Dropped a skinny G and bait on the other side which got a small hit that took the back half of the chovie. Thinking it may have been a diving bird as they were around. Was flat calm but very quiet until about 2:45 off Mcaulay we had a decent strike that ran then came back towards the boat only to escape. Had to eat chicken wings for dinner lol.
    Hope you all have great success in the Derby and don't be shy to put in a report pls.
  7. PatyO'Furniture

    PatyO'Furniture Active Member

    launched from cattle today for the trotac derby, windy and foggy at 7am.
    tried the flats but there was too much wind and white caps. Ripped to the clover side of trial, caught about 5 just under keepers. lots of boats over there, didnt see much action. finished the day back on the flats with one barely keeper but released at the boat.
    spoons seemed to work best, no love for bait or anything else.

    winner was a 13#
  8. Discus

    Discus Well-Known Member

    The same repoet as PatyO'Furniture. My buddy and I caught 10 fish and let them go under 5 lbs. We cannot find bigger than 6 lbs.

    I talked with my 4 fishing friends about the derby. They went the same spot from break water to cover point.. They cannot find bigger ones but before the derby, they caught nice ones about 8 - 10 lbs. For me 6 and over 13 lbs.

    1 st 13.75 lbs
    2nd 13.50 lbs
    3rd 13.25 lbs

    Congratulations the winners.
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  9. Deewar25

    Deewar25 Well-Known Member

    out in the derby as well - started out at the bank, not too much going on, few small ones on spoon/hootchy, got gnarly with current, wind so we headed to flagpole - then it seemed to be a bait show so we switched both lines on it (10 packs) - most of the action just west of flagpole around 110-120'. Mostly small 3-4lb area, lost a couple others, one may have had some derby worthy size, just pulled in a 5lber, then landed one that was just under 7lb (weighed on shore), but it was like 1:10 and made the call to keep fishing instead of rushing in..lol That was it for us though and seems should have stayed by shore as the winner also came from there (by the lighthouse). Most action for us was on a lemon lime with black/purple teaser. (note one of the fish had 5" herring in it)
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  10. Original

    Original Well-Known Member

    Was out in Pedder bay Sunday 9-3 for the day. Was a bumpy ride so we and 14 other boats stayed in the bay looping around the Can Bouy. Only seen 4 fish caught 2 were released ( one from our boat) the others looked to be 3-4 lb so nothing big. The one we released was the only bite we had the whole day.
    Congrats to the derby winners.
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  11. Bugs

    Bugs Active Member

    Just a note to say that we (UVic Fisheries Ecology Group) are continuing our stomach content sampling program in 2018 and trying to ramp up our samples. I am concerned about getting enough samples from the Victoria and Sooke area in winter, and would encourage those who participated before to keep at it, and those who have not yet participated to consider it.

    If you need some added incentive, Islander reels has generously donated an MR2, each stomach submitted to the program in 2018 (with complete associated information) will count as an entry in a draw for this reel.

    If you are interested PM me your email address. I will add you to our e-mailing list and send you sampling instructions and our 2017 data update.
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  12. Newf

    Newf Well-Known Member

    Out Friday from 9am til 2PM, breakwater to Albert Head. A little bumpy in the morning but flattened out after a couple of hours. Released 3 at the boat and lost one, no keepers as they looked to be just under legal size. All caught near the bottom on purple haze flasher and cop car spoon. Spoke to one other guy who said he had picked up a couple of keepers.
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  13. Finatic

    Finatic New Member

    Bit of a late report...fished Brotchie to Clover Thursday, 10-3 and picked up one, 7ish lbs. 120 ft, down in the basement. It's stomach was full of prawns. Sorry Bugs was in a rush at the end of the day and didn't capture the data.
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  14. tinboatrobb

    tinboatrobb Well-Known Member

    20 boats off the waterfront this morning. One of you must have caught a fish. Beauty day.
  15. Original

    Original Well-Known Member

    I got out there today but got a late start and missed the morning bite. We trolled from Brochie to Clover point and back
    from 10;30-3. Used bait on both side, 4 bites two to the boat both 3 lbs,released one looking for a bigger one and only had 1 other bite while I was bringing up the line to check it. Most of the action was before noon 150ft & 120 on the rigger. Marked some fish a few times around 60 ft but to slow on the draw to get em. Didn't see anyone else catching any but I try and stay outa the Pak. I'm sure the morning was better. Eagerly awaiting another calm day to enjoy.
  16. NautiGirl

    NautiGirl Well-Known Member

    Out today for an hour on OB flats then aound to clover. One shaker sent back by me and saw a few 4's caught. Beware the submerged crab/prawn float at 120 ft on the clover outfall line. With no visible float, i was 20 ft off bottom and had a shitshow with both riggers and flasher set ups wrapped. Lost a ball and two salmon set ups and broke my steering arm while jockeying in the current. Float then popped up and i manager to get one flasher and spoon back. If that is your float, please pm me and i will take any attached gear. Thanks a lot.
  17. saltydawg

    saltydawg Well-Known Member

    sounds like a wandering/lost crab trap hung up on the outflall pipe. ????
  18. PatyO'Furniture

    PatyO'Furniture Active Member

    beauty day out there on saturday, no keepers for us either
  19. RileyDog

    RileyDog New Member

    We had 1 too small 'legal' in the flats which we let go, then nothing for the rest of the day. Was an absolute beauty of a day out there!
  20. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Was out there on Saturday breaking in a motor but had the sounder on looking for bait. I covered a lot of water and didn't see much.

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