2018 OFFICIAL Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2018 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by fishin_magician, Dec 24, 2017.

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  1. A-a-Ron

    A-a-Ron Active Member

    Shite most lakes are rougher than this. Beauty!
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  2. Scalper66

    Scalper66 Active Member

    Quick trip sa 20 mins and done

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  3. ScapeBoat

    ScapeBoat Active Member

    Very informative, bragging is a different thread. Nice job though.
  4. Scalper66

    Scalper66 Active Member

    What more u want? 63 feet on riggers 2 dummies per side red flashers with googly eyed wild things trolling west no sunscreen on but brought a hat
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  5. Alex_c

    Alex_c Active Member

    Fished NA and SA today. Got a few early at NA but it slowed down. Went to sandheads and lost a few fish but ended on a double header and letting one go since we only needed one more for the limit

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  6. fishin_magician

    fishin_magician Well-Known Member

    Guess what he wants is an X marks the spot!

    Seeriously though...today was slower for some depending on where you were. It can be frusterating and I'm seeing some people frusterated by their recent results.

    If you have been out more than once and are not getting bites....copy the instructional diagram posted earlier and my long email about "S for Sockeye". If not, Sox are $5 a pound At the Steveston dock....so $25-35 per fish.

    FYI...in the dummy flasher department....the blue flasher thing making the rounds on Instagram, Facebook, and this thread is horseshit for off the mouth of the Fraser. You don't NEED Blue Glow Flashers. It is irresponsible to make people believe that. Get your old beat up working flasher down. When the Adams run gets here watch the Commercial Trollers if they get a shot. Observe what they use off the Fraser...they will be too busy to mess with dummies since they have a squirt on every flasher...and note what flashers they use. I rest my case

    Check out the many guides posting pics of exactly what they are using... many NOT using Blue... ;) Just get a flasher down flashing....end of story.

    Lots of these staged sox are a little desensitized now and there are 200,000-300,000 holding out there right now. Food for thought.

    The best is yet to come. Get out and pit some fiah in the freezer and eat well this winter.
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  7. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Yup....it's no secret. Same tackle, troll slow, work from 30-90, find a school anywhere from North Arm to Sandheads and stick with them.
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  8. Canso

    Canso Well-Known Member

    Ya. I think the stores had an abundance of blue flashers to get rid of...
    Now let's start a thing about red Kone Zones.
  9. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    Personally the side I DON'T USE DUMMIES works the best.. But they could be attracted by the other side then spooked... Not sure BUT I DO BELIEVE IN THE BLACK BOX lol
  10. ScapeBoat

    ScapeBoat Active Member

    Lol, no I dont need a big red X. Haha.
    In and out in 20 minutes sounds like me and my wife in the bedroom last night ffs.

    Everyone wants details.

    I already have my 2 day sockey quota sitting in my freezer, can't keep any more until I eat a few. Been targeting spring for the most part but the damn coho keep stealing my bait.

    Cheers, leave details or not. No big deal.
  11. great the day i don't go fishing it's calm. o_O
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  12. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    I know someone who bought 4 lol
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  13. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    There were a few of them out today from sandheads to t10. Pretty sure they were just running plain Crome flashers. Sure the 50+ lines they run helps in the flasher department
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  14. fishin_magician

    fishin_magician Well-Known Member

    Use dummies...boating 12 Sockeye in an hour doesn’t happen unless you’re using a net. ;) Your results may vary without.
  15. fishin_magician

    fishin_magician Well-Known Member

    Gurdies, loads of gear spaced close together.... full marks for them. yes. Bingo.
  16. fishin_magician

    fishin_magician Well-Known Member

    Don’t worry...they work most excellently in another fishery! :)
  17. ScapeBoat

    ScapeBoat Active Member

    I never even thought of using my kone zones for sockeye, do they work?
  18. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    20 min's? When in the room and thinking about fishing I leave my socks on foaming about Sox and then go look at fishing gear . :D:p

    Your 2 day Sox limit only applies to when you are away from your principle residence, like all possession limits . If you are taking them "home" you don't have to be peeing bright orange to fish 3 days in a row with limits. ;)
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  19. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Yup.....ya dummy flasher .:D:p:D
  20. bondo

    bondo Member

    Out off the NA right now, glass flat and very warm. Lots of boats, lost 1 spring so far but that's about it
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