2015 Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet Reports

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by pescador, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Twinstrike

    Twinstrike Member

    Westview Marina is also a great place to stay.
  2. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    In September you got a shot at some Tuna if the warm sets up in closer. Rodgers runs a Tuna program at that time of year.
  3. Cut Plug

    Cut Plug Active Member

    Nootka Rentals, with Dave & Kim Gunn, is an awesome place to stay. Great hosts, awesome fishermen and a perfect location right near Friendly Cove.

    I'd recommend it to family - in fact I did!

  4. Fish on John

    Fish on John Member

    Flynns Cove, Rodgers, Nootka Rentals, Critter Cove ALL are good places. Depending on where you choose to fish,What time of year you are in Nootka Sound & Esperanza Inlet & what services your looking for.
    Fishing out of Tahsis has some distinct advantages. If the wind is blowing like it is TODAY 20km from a northerly direction/down Island, you don't want to venture outside much farther than Center Is. well inside the mouth of Esperanza But it is a strait 20 min shot down to Nootka. Then your option are wide open from Maquinna Pt., the Light House all the way into Moutcha Bay depending on Where the fish are. If your fishing Mid July to Mid August. Stop as soon as you enter Nootka Coopte Pt. Canal Is. Hoise Pt will be holding Salmon.
    Same thing goes when the wind is coming From a southerly direction/up Island. The world famous Ferrer Pt., Pin rks., Outer Black Rk, all the way inside to Steamer Pt. In Esperanza Inlet will be holding Salmon. There are plenty of salmon producing streams & rivers feeding into Esperanza & DFO stats show approx. 33% of Conuma hatchery fish move through Esperanza on there way to the river.
    The point is while fishing out of Tahsis you can most always get to productive CATCHING easily.
    Tahsis is a small coastal community with lots of service. It has may types of Lodging, Restaurants, Liquor store, Fuel, Marina, Launch, Marina Patio Pub, Free Internet access(yes some can't live with out it) Guided Fishing & ECO trips & much more.
    Try It You Will Like It!!!
    Fish On John
  5. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    25 days till our first round at Nootka. Can't wait. Wonder what this hot weather is going to do returns ???
  6. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    might see you there "outer limits" on the side or nosibor on the radio. probably be in esperanza. Good luck!!!
  7. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    It makes the wind blow!! Ha Ha!!
  8. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    I guess we'll have to stick inside then.....See ya up there Bones.....
  9. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    where are you staying? are you fishing nootka or esperenza?
    prop should sent a pm,sry
  10. trophy fisher

    trophy fisher Active Member

    Anyone else going up next week? Going to be staying at Moucha from Wed till Saturday. Stop in and say hi or see you on the water. TF
  11. greenhornet

    greenhornet Active Member

    Yes Im going up wednesday and I always stay at mouth bay also see you up there I'm there till the 29th hope the rains come or fog not 30-40 knot winds like this week pretty hard to get limits on hali if you can't get out of the harbour lol

    tight lines
  12. Fish on John

    Fish on John Member

    The wind is final giving us a break & it looks like it will lay down a lot more over the next few day. Planing a Hali trip Monday. That should say a lot!!
    Hot spots remain the same. In Nootka From Dollies to Beano Creek the entire area is plugged with Chinook in the 12 to 20lb range. Esperanza Twin Islands, The Pins & Ferrer are hot. Ferrer has been tough going on those big wind days, but if you go early it's worth the trip. Bigger Spring have come from Ferrer Area.
    Last Sunday afternoon my lovely wife decided to join me on a taxi pick up at Tong Pt./Louie Bay.
    All was good to Rosa Harbour then we snuck through the back door at Nuchatlitz. I could see the surf bounding the rocks on the outside on the way through the back door & knew what was coming. All heck broke loose when we got out in the open water for the short crossing to Louie Bay. She was not impressed but we were committed for the pick up. Ever notice that our boats can handle way bigger water than most people. Thanks to Shock Wave Seats for making the short crossing bearable.
    Anyway we got there 2 hrs early on a incoming tide. Rested in the lee of Tung Pt for 15min then off we went lines down as soon as we rounded Franks Rks. into the hospital. 1st pass 18.5lb Spring. She handled the fish/drag perfectly-done in the net. 2 more passes not a sniff. 4th Bang "Fish On" again She handles the fish well- 16lb in the net. We are done her daily card is full & we have a boat to cleanup before taking on our taxi pickup.
    What a Great North Island adventure to share for years to come. I'm sure her detailed telling of this trip may be different than mine. Other than the fishing results & we all got home safely.
    Fish Happy & Safe Fishing
    Fish On John
  13. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Finally-a quick trip to Nootka-mon at 11 am monument and all the usual haunts seaward as far as the wind will let us> Green a white Orca on ch 6. I share info-leaving Nootka at 12 noon wednsday
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  14. Tide Up

    Tide Up Member

    Heading up Thursday so I guess we will just miss ya Spring Fever

    Look forward to your report
  15. trophy fisher

    trophy fisher Active Member

    On our way over today. I'll report how it goes for us. TF
  16. Reel Time

    Reel Time Active Member

    Fished June 13-14 out of Moutcha Bay resort. Just around the surf line (light house and up) was amazing. No need to go off-shore. Limits of 8 springs saturday in a few hours and the same sunday. Anchovy with out flasher and flasher was the ticket. Biggest was 20, average mid teens. Awesome! ImageUploadedByTapatalk1434564904.553433.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1434564917.752245.jpg
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  17. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Great pics. Thanks for posting. Looks like things are pretty hot.......weather and fishing.
  18. Califbill

    Califbill Member

    Do they catch Hali inside Nooka / Esperanza or do you have to go offshore? Should be up there is a couple weeks and if wind is blowing would like a shot at Hali.
  19. crazycanuck

    crazycanuck Member

    There is a small chance of hooking hali's inside.... I'm sure it has been done but offshore increases your chances greatly
  20. Gordon J

    Gordon J Member

    First trip is July 8th . Looking forward to seeing you again this year.

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