Where is the salmon?

Discussion in '2015 Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by batista.marcelf, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. batista.marcelf

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    Hello all! I went fishing yesterday on Fraiser river (Richmond on Dyke Rd at no. 5 Rd). There were about 40 fishermen on the rocks and after 5 hours of fishing (11 an to 4 pm) I saw only 3 catches! I'm pretty new new to salmon fishing but I heard that this month and next it should be crazy full of salmon going up and down fraiser river. Does anyone have a good hint of fishing spots for salmon around Vancouver ? All I know is the few ones on Richmond. Are there better places? Have anyone had more luck around here?

    Thanks! !!

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    There's loads of information if you try using the search function in the upper right hand corner. Good luck
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    I tried but found nothing recent. I was under the impression fishermen would go crazy once the rivers were open for fishing but I find very little info :( any hints of good spots around Vancouver would be much appreciated. I'm a little frustrated since it's the first time I go fishing by myself and I don't really know where to go :/

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    If you haven't found any recent information about fishing in Vancouver, you really have not looked too hard in the search engine. Having said that, the date of the information is not as critical as you may think. Salmon follow the same patterns every year. Go to any local tackle store and chat up the guys there while you buy more "stuff". They will give up all kinds of good information. Look up the regulations as as well so you know what your legal requirements before you go. And then go out and explore and don't put too many expectations on your catch ratio to begin with. You will find lots of helpful and friendly people who will give you tips. Some good, some not so good. Fishing is a life long education and these forums can really help accelerate your learning curve, but make it your learning curve and not so much piggy back on others and you will enjoy the journey that much more.
  6. DanL

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    I would also add that spot you describe in Richmond is a perfectly fine area, and one of the most popular for a reason. No other spots are guaranteed to be any better on any given day.

    Don’t get discouraged due to one slow day. Fish come in waves and ‘crazy full of salmon’ doesn’t mean constant action even though the return numbers are literally in the millions. You can go to one spot on the Fraser and get nothing, then go back the very next day and get ten. Keep at it and you will get them.

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