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Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by porcupine, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. RogersonCrusoe

    RogersonCrusoe Well-Known Member

    My Friend did a stint as an engineer at the Graving Dock from 04-08 and said that when they raised the dry dock in August / September, there would be many a giant salmon left high and dry. While they "did their best to release them" some would be released onto a nearby BBQ "by accident". Glad to see you this program still alive and well. Would be happy to donate some time to help out!
  2. Rum Buddies

    Rum Buddies Well-Known Member

    awesome, didn't know the fry were being released still. Is there somewhere we can donate to the new project?
  3. sundance

    sundance Member

    Net pens

    Thanks for your offer . The funds come from our membership fees , plus donations we get from helping on other derbies etc , money is not the issue , it's trying to get past all the hoops DFO put us thru to get ok for hopefully net pens at Ogden pt , also we enhance craigflower ck with last year was our biggest COHO returns ever 1876 adults returned normal run of 450 , colquitz has there biggest ever also 1560 these are west coast COHO UP TO 19 lbs , the club has been enhancing craigflower since 1987 , we trap every fish is sexed then over the fence to Thetis lake watershed , take 50 adults to hatchery for brood then release 30,000 fry trucked to PRIOR LK every October to guarantee a backup , in case of stream problems , also MILLSTREAM can be topped up , as the hatchery built a fish ladder behind the casino yrs ago which returns there is around ,250 return there every yr , so to see these returns very is very satisfying , enhancement works where there is low returns near cities etc
  4. Slack-tider

    Slack-tider Member

    Thanks Sundance!! My father, who is 85 has contributed to the salmon enhancement program in Ontario for over 30 years. They are upwards of 30% hatchery returns in to Saugeen River which feeds into Lake Huron. The hard work and dedication to a few has made a huge difference in the stock and the enjoyment for many a recreational fisherman. Hats off to you and the team. You would think DFO would be lining up to promote and approve your efforts.
  5. Slack-tider

    Slack-tider Member

    Thinking of taking my son out tomorrow morning. Is the water front, brotchie area still producing? Saddly it might be my only chance to get out till after the long weekend. There should be a rule about family visting during fishing season :)
  6. steveotway62

    steveotway62 Member

    Only family that fish

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  7. vicsurfer

    vicsurfer Active Member

    There are still fish around. Fished 7-12 today. I caught a 12lb spring, 1 coho, a few pinks, and had numerous hits. We also lost 2 decent sized springs and the bite picked up near noon. The freezer is full so I`m done for the season. It was definitely one of the best months of fishing I`ve ever seen.
  8. vanisland

    vanisland Member

    Fished esq to the breakwater yesterday evening. Limited on hatch coho, released a few wild as well. A few pinks in the mix as well and a low teener spring to finish off the night. Not bad for 3 hours of fishing. Still cant seem to get into any bigger springs or more than 1 or 2 per trip. Have only been able to get out in the afternoon and evening so wondering if the morning is when the springs are biting more?
  9. kayladog

    kayladog Active Member

    Fished Esq and harbour from 12-4 today. Wet and slow. Only 1 dinner size hatch coho and lost 8-10lber were the only bites.
  10. steveotway62

    steveotway62 Member

    Boat is finally fixed .... going out the weekend with my son and law and grandson. . His first trip out ..

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  11. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Any recent reports ?
    debating on whether to go for Springs or Halibut ?
  12. Adler

    Adler Member

    Out last night from Esquimalt, lots of boats in front of Macauley but as we slowly motored by, didn't see any action so went over to flag pole. Spent an hour there with no action, and then noticed a bunch of birds further out straight off the harbour. Trolled out there and within a few minutes, had a 8lb spring in the boat, caught at 50 feet on the rigger, on anchovy. Only other action was as we trolled back at dusk to Esquimalt, a small one easily released. Not hot like we had been hearing, but a beauty night on the water. Super lucky to stay between some nasty looking weather. Anyone else do any better?. uploadfromtaptalk1441379593851.jpg

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  13. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    One more kick at the Springs, Scott. Then it's halibut time. :)
  14. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that Jim ..;)
  15. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    go fish halibut is my advice
    we got one spring around 18 off the harbour this am...slow slow slow...from what we saw..left at 9 am
    50 boats saw one spring landed other than ours.
    got one hali 40 lbs. on the change at 11 am...after having to to move earlier as our first choice had too many dogs...
    I hear it was dead off the head and trap this morning as well but may see some posts that saw it differently??
    of course it could all change in the morning.
  16. alctel

    alctel Member

    After being away sailing for 3 weeks, get back and find i've apparently missed an amazing couple weeks fishing :(

    I tried last evening for a few hours out the front of Victoria harbour and had nothing, didn't see anyone else catching either.
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  17. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    I should have gone halibut fishing. Lol.

    One unclipped coho was all that came to my boat today. Some guys picked up one or two Springs but it's for sure cooled down compared to how it was.
    Lots of boats out today.
  18. Roberth

    Roberth Active Member

    Done for springs. Just took 80 lbs of fillets to St.Jeans for smoking. Best August I've seen for springs in years. Did halibut last Thursday, 50 and 38.
    Halibut 52 and 34 today
  19. Discus

    Discus Well-Known Member

    Today my buddy, a lucky girl and I went to fishing from 7 am till 1130. From Trail island to Clover Point.

    It was a REALLY AWESOME DAY . We caught one 16 lbs spring, one hatchery coho and 2 pinks. We released a 9 lbs wild coho and couples of pinks , couple of small wild coho were about 4 - 6 lbs and lost some nice fish. In later morning, We got a double header and big screams on two big springs! We fought the fish, my buddy lost his fish because of the fish split out the hook; For me, I had a long fight with a big fish-- was really pretty awesome fighting, I saw it was REALLY huge probably it was high 35's or more+ When the fish swam down the reel had the longest scream but I lost it . It broke my heart :( I found out the spoon split ring had damage! I fought with the fish about more than an half hour. The Andrew p's Sand lance spoon was a really HOT TICKET but the split ring is seriously damaged because I lost the beauty big one :( I thought I should put swivel on the end of it. It could be helpful??
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  20. Bag-Juan

    Bag-Juan Active Member

    Sorry to hear you lost that fish Duncan, sounds like it was a hog! That's the way it goes sometimes, you cannot do anything about it except have a cry and remember what that fish felt like while you had it on!! I like to put a swivel between the hook and split ring often but some say it changes the action to much?? Big fish with that hook set in have lots of power, rolls and turns up that spoon opens that split ring, i know , happened to me before too. Go get another one Man!!

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