Trolling plate for Volvo duoprop leg?

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  1. Redfisher

    Redfisher Active Member

    Have anyone on this forum had any experience with a trolling plate on their leg of a higher HP duoprop diesel? Friend has just launched his new 28' by 10.6' Northwest which is powered with a 370hp Volvo D6. He is not liking trolling off his kicker due to the steering challenges but is too fast with just the leg. Have seen a variety of these online but hope to connect with someone who is having success with one on a higher HP duoprop leg.

    thanks Steve
  2. Sir Reel

    Sir Reel Well-Known Member

    Hey Steve,
    I have twin Volvo D4's and have the same issue. I looked at trolling plates but with the duoprop it seemed there was too much prop wash to be effective. The spring loaded ones wont work and you would need one with a line to pull it out of the way. . The D4's idle at 700 rpm and the D6 idles at 600 rpm. The D4 is not as smooth so needs a higher idle. So I use a trolling sock. I run off the starboard engine when fishing so have the sock on that side which tends to negate the boat wanting to go to port. It drops my speed down to about 2.7mph which is faster than I normally troll but it has not effected my catch rate. The trolling sock is attached by a line to forward cleat and then to a stern cleat. Is easy to grab back line and pull aboard if you need to get out of the way. Does not interfere with the downrigger.
    By the way have talked with a few Volvo mechanics and they suggest using a leg shower on a single drive. With the D6 370 the drive is under tremendous torque and higher RPM. (My cruise is 2700 rpm) I know one Commander owner who has about 1400 hours and has replaced 2 legs. He now has a shower plus a temp gauge to show him his drive oil temperature. He says it needs to be under 200F. The Commander is a heavier boat for sure but well worth the money on the shower.

    If your friend has a Yamaha HT kicker he could get a Garmin TR1 Autopilot. I had one on my 26 Seasport and the TR1 would keep it going straight into the wind no problem. Was quite amazing. Really miss that on the bigger boat.
    Personally I would look at that instead of trolling on the D6.

  3. Redfisher

    Redfisher Active Member

    Happy New Year!

    Someone in BC is making a trolling plate that is supposed to work on the bigger dual props. It is supposedly a custom built on that is durable and is being used on by one of the commercial prawn guys who has a custom aluminum sports boat. Just got to find a name or a boat name etc.

    Friends boat is a beaut (I wanted his exact hull and diesel power but had to settle for slightly smaller and outboards). His cooling system for the leg is supposed to be the best.

    He made one small mistake and that was an offset kicker. His boat at 28 by 10.5 and fairly high, doesn't like to turn upwind so well. It works but he is looking to improve if possible.

    Keep an eye on your cooling system with those D4's. They are not as friendly as your old Volvo when it comes to how water moves through them.

    PS I can only assume you are really enjoying the additional room on the new boat eh?

    cheers Steve
  4. Sir Reel

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    Love the new boat. Has gone from me going fishing to the family wants to go boating.

    How’s your new boat coming? Post some pics!

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