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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Jeffzee, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Jeffzee

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    Hey everyone, I've just been going through my gear, getting spoons ready for winter etc. Made me wonder, how does everyone keep their gear organized? Different tackle boxes for different seasons perhaps? Everything in one? Any other ideas?
    I have one 3 tray tackle box that contains pretty much all the gear i have. I have been thinking i should get it more manageable for when im out on the boat. A smaller box for what might need that day maybe?

    Just curious what everyone does,


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  2. Gear'n'beer!

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    Man tonnes of threads over the years........

    Personally I use a built in case each for spoons, heads, and skirts. Tackle box up front in the cuddy for excess stuff. Hali stuff is in a built in well. All depends on the size of boat and what you fish.
  3. N2013

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    I use individual boxes. Spoons, teaser heads, rubber, hardware in their individual boxes. Keeps things tidy & clean. Got this bag earlier this year and does great. Heavy duty, waterproof. I have 4 boxes plus a dozen flashers, plus there’s still space for line, spare gear, etc. Highly recommend it. After dumping my box out for the umpteenth time, it was an easy switch over.

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  4. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    For what you have looks pretty manageable to me. However when your collection becomes more like hoarding you will need to have containers for each size spoons , heads, etc :p:p
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  5. RiverBoy

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    Depends on what i'm doing. i have a massive tackle box with three pull out drawers that's always stays on board, but i also have a smaller one that is much more manageable that i have some terminal gear,pre-tied hootchies, a few spoons and a few flashers that i have prepared for that exact trip. Personally, I rarely go salmon fishing and then switch up to bottom fishing or vice versa. unless i'm on the west coast. i'm starting to lean towards individual, shallow see thru type boxes. one for pre tied hootchies and rigs one for spoons. one for plugs etc. i have a centre console boat and they store better under the seat this way. i also have a small tupperware container for my bottom fish. contains spreader bars, jigs etc
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  7. halimark

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    Honestly I have 10 tackle boxes/lockers in my shop plus a full 5 drawer dresser, 70 flashers last count. But really I have a 4 drawer plano in the boat, (18.6DE) drawer for hoochies, teaser heads, one for lead jigs, another for spoons and tomics. Top drawer is terminal gear, then I have my "lead" bucket under the seat. Most trips/days that is too much, I have my go to gear that probably fishes 80% of the time, the rest is just in the box.

    I do rotate gear in and out thru-out the season, also replace or upgrade as needed. I hate the spring shows as gear somehow accumulates?? Good luck organizing it all.

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  8. Reeltime

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    I have one big home depot tool box for summer and down size to one small double sided box for winter i found that i didn't need as much in winter.

    Bought this from home depot , worked great last winter nice and small being in a small boat .
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  9. RogersonCrusoe

    RogersonCrusoe Active Member

    I'll take a picture when I get home, but I moved my spoons into the hanging spinnerbait box and have been incredible impressed with it.
    https://www.cabelas.ca/product/63587/plano-hydro-flo-hanging-bait-box The holes in the top/bottom allow me to spray the whole thing with a hose and let it air dry - It's been a great rust-free season :D
    Note: I use a quick change leader (separate leader with duolock at the end) so there are no line tangles within the box.

    Heads, hoochies, flashers and terminal tackle are stored here:
    The box top can hold my 6 go-to flashers, leaders and hali jigs. Each tray is dedicated to hoochies/squirts/heads.
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  10. Fixit

    Fixit Well-Known Member

    made from some 3/8" birch ply table saw and a brad nailer

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