South Resident Killer Whale - DFO Preliminary Management Proposal for 2020 Season

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    Part 1.....To be continued
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    Sorry I missed a slide page 5

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    And whale watching ??? 1000m ya right.....
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    I think it is a tad premature to post these options, they are simply for consideration and discussion at the Technical Working Group Feb 25th. In other words, just concepts to discuss. No decisions made. The TWG hasn't met and made any recommendations, so would caution against reading anything into the document as its just intended to spark discussion. Having some notional options to discuss is a good way to engage the discussion.
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    Perhaps you missed this slide? Its asking for feedback on the preliminary measures. Wait to the decisions are made and it will be to late. That's your prerogative tho....

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    Once more I have written a submission to DFO regarding the ridiculous closure of Pender Bluffs, and once more I expect to be ignored and written off. But at least I tried... Still a couple days left to add your rant...
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    Dfo just announced measures to protect North Atlantic right whales. And one of which they changed for this year was a “responsive protective zone around whales when detected rather than predicting ahead of time where they’ll congregate”. Aka what we want for SR killer whales ... those on the srkw working group hopefully noticed this
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    Exactly what I submitted to DFO in my submission as a fair , reasonable, common sense, workable alternative to a total closure when no whales are present, and also creating a "No Go" Zone for thousands of vessels that would require daily enforcement and patrol, which they did not do last year. Of course that would mean that they made an error last year and we all know that their decisions are always science based, and never wrong...
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    Did I miss something or is there no options for the bluffs?
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    Limits in Canada and Alaska
    We must also look beyond our own coast. Fishermen in Canada often catch more Puget Sound salmon than local fishermen do. Alaskan salmon fisheries catch very few fish from Puget Sound. However, they often catch many fish from the Columbia River before they turn south to areas where they would be available to the whales.

    New provisions of the Pacific Salmon Treaty were renegotiated in 2019 between the United States and Canada. They have cut back catches of Chinook salmon throughout their migration from the Northwest to Alaska, which are expected to increase prey available to the whales. The new agreement also invests millions of dollars in additional Chinook hatchery production and habitat restoration to support salmon and Southern Resident recovery.

    Just as importantly, fishing remains sustainable, which is the bottom line in setting salmon seasons for Council fisheries. You can feel confident that local salmon you find in stores and restaurants are sustainably caught. Better yet, you have a say in setting the seasons. Next, we will explain how.
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    Makes it sound like Alaska catches no Canadian fish? Obviously this spin is designed for American fishers, but it needs to be called out IMO for dismissing the American harvest of Canadian fish.
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    According to this graph, about half of the SEAK troll Chinook catch is Canadian:

    The data is 10 years old & may not reflect the present situation.

    The SEAK chinook fishery has been "called out" for many years but the latest Chinook treaty did very little to change things. I think there might have been a 7% or so reduction in SEAK's Chinook catch.

    Also realize that NOAA is being sued by several groups over SRKW & Chinook related issues. It looks like they took the coast-wide Chinook abundance numbers then only used the North of Falcon (most of Oregon, all of Washington) catch numbers; excluding the SEAK & BC catch numbers.
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    The reduction was greater suppose to be around 12%, however if canada cuts they get to harvest more. I believe their 2020 quota is actually more then there 2019 quota.
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    This news makes my year for sure. The ESA was supposedly used as a threat to Alaska during the recent PST Chinook treaty; there is one run of Puget Sound Chinook that migrate to SEAK & are caught in the SEAK troll fishery. I had heard from a good source 2-3 years ago before the negotiations that the PST Chinook Technical Team realized that the Aggregate Abundance Based Management fishery reasoning was "broken". Apparently the politicians over ruled the scientists and AK was only cut by 7.5%. BC was cut 12.5%.

    This is great news for WCVI Chinook as the SEAK fishery catches a huge portion of the total mortality on these runs.

    So far COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the high-end seafood market in the US; here consumers either do not know how to cook it or are unwilling to experiment with expensive foods.
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