Renfrew docks about to be driftwood

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by 23Hourston, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. 23Hourston

    23Hourston Active Member

    Screenshot_20180120-084202.png Screenshot_20180120-084153.png

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  2. 23Hourston

    23Hourston Active Member

    Traps on dock ect Screenshot_20180120-085156.png
  3. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

  4. Fins -n- Skins

    Fins -n- Skins Well-Known Member

    I saw a video yesterday and man it must of been nasty. Needs to make it higher or with concrete blocks me thinks ? Anyone know if Beach Camp survived those swells ??
  5. 23Hourston

    23Hourston Active Member

    Apparently the tides are 5 feet higher next Sunday
  6. The Jackel

    The Jackel Well-Known Member

    Was a 34 ft surge, mother nature sure is something
  7. terrin

    terrin Well-Known Member

    can you link the video for us?
  8. feelin swell

    feelin swell New Member

    Sorry to hear the crappy news. Any more on this? 3 days ago I heard everything was gone. In November there were only 1 or 2 boats there thru the month.
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  9. Dave H

    Dave H Well-Known Member

    Looking at those pics and seeing each swell highlighted against he dark background on the far side of the bay reminds me of living there in 1982 during the big El Nino and watching swells like that from my window.
    Couldn't get my wetsuit on fast enough some days and it was during those swells that the remnants of the old wharf they used to make up Davis rafts from became exposed when the swells washed all the sand off the beach near the mouth of the Gordon. I was told they had been buried for 28 years.

    When the angle is right there are big swells that get in there for sure.

    I know because I used to surf them.

    Take care.
  10. feelin swell

    feelin swell New Member

    Surreal... how that kind of power gets in there. But then, its the ocean... which can have us all eating humble pie pretty quick. Makes me wonder if the gravel bar at the mouth of the Gordon has changed.

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