Pre Spawn Smallmouth Bass Fishing the Island

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by FishDoc, May 16, 2017.

  1. FishDoc

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    My First Ever Smallmouth Bass Fishing Adventure Takes Place on Vancouver Island with Matt Benson, Cabela's Pro Staff, from the Youtube Channel Brackish Water Outdoors. He had been inviting me to come out for the last couple of years since I moved to Canada and the stars finally aligned and we were able to connect on an AMAZING day to get out and fish the early spring pre-spawn bite. The fish had really transitioned from the week prior and had now moved up in shallower water waiting to move up and start making nests. We found most of the fish by fishing docks on the sunny shorelines where the water temperature was the highest. The fish were slow though as a high pressure system had them a little tight lipped. The finesse drop shot with a green and white shad shaped worm was the ticket and it was FISH ON once Matt got things worked out. The rest is history. What an absolute blast we had out there. Check out the video and I'm sure you'll agree.

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  2. Dave H

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    Very nice!

    Take care.
  3. Cuba Libre

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    You have come a LONG way in BC :) Congratulations on showing the variety of game fish that we have in BC. Too often we forget that there is more here than salmon !!
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  4. Dave

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    So true CL and Dave H! What with climate change, urban encroachments, blah, blah, we really should be appreciative of what BC does have to offer. I think both LM and SM bass are a large part of the future sports fishery options available to BC sports fishers and it's good to see some anglers are taking advantage of these diverse fisheries now!
  5. Wild Bill

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    Looks like fun! Do they taste ok?
  6. FishDoc

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    Yeah I like fishing for all sorts of fish. It is nice to get out and be able to try something different. Will keep looking for Bass. Tried a few places on the mainland, had some hits but no fish. One lake I could see them but they weren't biting and can no longer fish there.

    I am not sure I've never tasted a small mouth bass. In the spring there is a closure though and they are protected for spawning so you can't keep them during that period. Bass are a good sport fish, I'd rather eat other fish. But I have tasted a summer largemouth caught bass before and it was pretty fishy. I hear smallies are better.
  7. KCW

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    Closure lifted this year on Vancouver island

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