Prawning Victoria waterfront

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by Mozart, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Mozart

    Mozart New Member

    has anyone tried prawning out of Victoria water front? Is 10 lb weight in the traps enough to keep it from floating away for the area?

    Thank you
  2. Sentinel

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    Overall pot weight for a single pot should be in the 30-35# range to keep them from moving. Of course stringing multiple pots together will allow you to use lighter pots. I have not had much luck the few times I have tried prawning the area.
  3. Last Chance

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    I did very well prawning the waterfront for a number of years every spring before the commercial season started when I based out of West Bay.

    First off you need anchors. No amount of weight will do. A 5 pound Bruce with 10 feet.of chain was my fave. Never lost a trap. String of traps with 300 ft of scope on the 230 foot reef 1/4 mile NWW of the yellow bouy was good. The 180 ft contour west of the 180ft pinnacle off Broatchie was even better, but do not stray too far to the East, we left several new prawn traps that got hung up on the bottom.

    Leave a good 20 ft tag line hanging from your float so you can tie off and break.loose from the bottom... There are not as many prawns as in Brentwood, but they are all super extra jumbo size, no pulse openings and no trap theft.
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  4. Mozart

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    Thank you for the info. Much appreciated

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