Opinion: More salmon hatcheries will not help killer whales or chinook

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by wildmanyeah, Jul 12, 2019 at 9:05 AM.

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    Here comes the next Raincoast and MCC campaign. Look out this has been brewing and expect show down on this in the fall.
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    These supposed authorities on Pacific salmon can't even detect the difference between a Chinook and a Coho in their posted pic....
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    Pretty pathetic that these people would declare war on all our small community hatcheries and compare them to the industrial ones of the states.
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    "Chris Genovali is executive director of Raincoast Conservation Foundation."
    "Misty MacDuffee is a biologist with the Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s Wild Salmon Program."
    "Nick Gayeski is the senior fisheries scientist at the Wild Fish Conservancy"
    Is an ideology scientist better or worse than an corporate scientist?
    Where is the opinion of the tenured (read 'can't be fired for telling the truth') scientist?
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    The underlying theme of this synopsis or theory is that the Orca, namely the SRKW, have evolved over centuries to prefer the larger older early run Fraser Chinook salmon. One could surmise from that hypothesis that they are ever evolving and adapting to changing environmental conditions. So.....they can adapt. They’ll learn to eat other fish other mammals other pinnipeds. They’re the Oceans dominant predator, without rival. They’re highly intelligent. They’re not bound by barriers and have been seen in California, Oregon etc. They’re probably transitioning away from a declining food source like Fraser Springs and have been for a while now. I doubt starvation is their biggest threat. I think pollution is more harmful, I think there’s much we don’t know but these magnificent creatures aren’t dying off from starvation. There’s food out there for them and they’ll adapt. Nature demands it. She always has. There are other Orca pods on our coast that are healthy. This is shock crap from the Eco fanatics who smell an opportunity here. Keep up the fight
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    SRKW "away from BC 10 months of the year"

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    My buddy and I and my son are starving after a long day of bailing hay...we decide that all we want is the KEG for dinner because that is our most favorite steak, beef joint. Mmm, beef and potatoes, good drink. WFT! The restaurant is closed for reno's. Shit, now what No KEG restaurants for 100 miles? Gas station food, corner store...oh look! McDonalds. WTF do you think happens. SHIT SCIENCE! BS fabrications. Trudeau Jr. is not a leader, he is a Globalist UN puppet.
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    I agree with most if your points. However I see the SRKW not so much as evolving to eat Fraser Chinook but rather as fat capitalist pigs that are experiencing a recession on the verge of a depression and are forced to join the blue collared transient whales and get a real job that takes some effort.
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    At 32 min Dr. Andrew Trites discusses the Northern Resident KW that also choose Chinook salmon (chum, black cod ...) and are increasingly moving into the SRKW territory.
    At 44 min he talks about the BC Ferries causing noise that is a bigger issue.
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    NONE of these asshats are "scientists" in any way shape or form. They are paid eco-mouthpieces, with a clear Agenda in mind.
    And their article is simply not worth the bandwidth it unfortunately resides in.

    Complete Bullshit.

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