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Discussion in '2015 Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by Fisher_dude, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. a lot of you guys are talking about fishing south of the bridge. do you guys ever fish north of it?i went out about a week ago for about an hour and a half and we caught 3 rainbows with the biggest around 4 pounds.
  2. Travo

    Travo Member

    Always south of bridge
  3. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

    Caught some small kokanee last week out in the middle near Ok Lk. resort. Only fished 30 minutes as it was more of a shake down cruise for summer salmon fishing.

    Anyone have a source for galvanized trailer fenders in Kelowna. Princess auto are raw steel.
  4. sly_karma

    sly_karma Well-Known Member

    Couple rainbows this morning off the mouth of Trout Creek, both about 2 lb, one released. Both taken on purple Lyman plug @ 50 ft.
  5. sly_karma

    sly_karma Well-Known Member

    Anyone getting back out there now the Albertians and their wakeboats have gone home? Where's good at moment? Thinking to head Squally Pt/Rattlesnake Is tomorrow but new info might influence me elsewhere.
  6. sly_karma

    sly_karma Well-Known Member

    Spent a couple of uncomfortable hours off Rattlesnake/Squally yesterday until the breeze freshened a bit too fresh for us. Small rainbows were taking a red/purple Lyman cutaway plug at 60 ft fairly consistently around Rattlesnake, we kept largest only, about 2-3 lb. That's about it for me for this season. I'm having full canvas made this winter so maybe I can stay out further into fall next year. October sure was good though.
  7. JAC

    JAC Well-Known Member

    You had some good fishing out there this fall?
  8. sly_karma

    sly_karma Well-Known Member

    Around Rattlesnake produced every time I went out in Oct, I think was 3 out of 4 weekends. What a golden month it was, mild and dry. One day mid month they were taking just about anything, plugs, spoons, leeches, worms. Couldn't crack the code for something big though, 3-4 lb was about it.
  9. Fisher_dude

    Fisher_dude Active Member

    Time for an update. I finally got out onto the lake yesterday. 10 minutes in on a 4" #98 lyman down at 27 ft on the rigger. Hit so hard it popped the rigger! I've been waiting for that for awhile. Caught right out front of the old ferry docks in gelletly bay in 80ft of water. Temp was 40.2 when we got out and 41.2 after a few hours of cruising around.

  10. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    Nice Rainbow,Fisher dude!Looks like spring's arrived in the Okanagan as well.Good luck this season and hope you tie
    into a few more nice ones like that.
  11. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Beauty fish. Were you out a couple weeks ago in front of The Cove? May have seen you during brunch there lol
  12. Oly1

    Oly1 Active Member

    Nice fish, great to see some of them are biting. Healthy looking fish.
  13. sly_karma

    sly_karma Well-Known Member

    Hey good one Fisher Dude. I always get myself tied up in knots this time of year with work, skiing and home renos all conspiring against me getting out there. New sport top is complete though, one day needed to replace my outboard's internal fuel hoses and I'm good to go. I just have to finish off this fkn bathroom first...
  14. Fisher_dude

    Fisher_dude Active Member

    I think I might go out and play in the rain today. Who knows, maybe it'll be the ticket!
  15. Fisher_dude

    Fisher_dude Active Member

    Made the best out of a few hours fishing on Okanagan last night. 1 nice bow at 5lbs caught at 37 ft down on the rigger, 50-60ft back going 1.8mph on a 3" cop car coyote and 1 bow @ 2.5 lbs on a Bradley Smokers Special edition 4" lyman 200ft back on the surface doin 1.8mph.

  16. sly_karma

    sly_karma Well-Known Member

    Nice one lads!!! Final bits n pieces on my boat this weekend and on the water for easter. Rattlesnake here I come.
  17. Travo

    Travo Member

    Was out two day ago got a 3lb rainbow on watermelon apex 3" with 3 split shots trolling 2.0mph and a 2lb bow on black bucktail 250',back right on top .
  18. Fisher_dude

    Fisher_dude Active Member

    Hey Travo, were you out on good Friday? Saw a nice thunderjet out there with a big OB on the back.

    I went out on Friday for a few hours with nothing to the boat. Put the new underwater camera to use and got to see some neat action. Had a few drivebyes and a cod even came by to check out a spoon. I'll put together some footage when I think I have enough.
  19. sly_karma

    sly_karma Well-Known Member

    I went out Friday too, Naramata to Indian Rock and back. No hits on surface trolled bucktails and spoons. Maybe next time I'll remember to bring my downriggers, lol. Did a bunch of little adjustments to cables, carb sync, idle speed etc that were much needed so it was a worthwhile outing anyway.
  20. J-GLOBAL

    J-GLOBAL Well-Known Member

    Went out in the Canoe on Saturday night for an hour in front of the Cove where we were staying. 1 10" bow on the fly.

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