Nootka Sound 2014 Fishing Reports

Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by pescador, May 9, 2014.

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    Ah.....I just saw 2013/2014. Interesting it may change.
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    Had a buddy who is a guide from Tofino over there this past weekend for their annual trip. All of them got limits at "Bino Creek" and/or the "Caves"? If that means anything to you guys? :p

    Also had one of their boats at Maquinna Point boat a 39lber. :eek:

    Apparently "squid bloom hoochies" were killing it.
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    The caves are just a little towards Macquinna from Bino creek. Hard to see at hi-tide easy to see why they are called that at low. Large kelp beds there-just fish outside the kelp close to the bottom(45-70 ft). Few ball grabbers around. Give it 20 min. or so -my experience if you hit nothing move out to Bajo-just off shore from there.
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    Great news. Early big fish. There's a story about a guy taking a 50 plus there a few years back in July though.
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    Here is a pic from Moutcha Bay Resort's facebook page.

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    Not to be an a$$hole, but I follow many of the same Facebook pages for charters and lodge operations on this coast as many do. One thing that always raises questions in my mind and is seemingly is without explanation is that the daily limit coastwide for Chinooks is 2 yet many of these pictures show MORE than the daily limit for people in the pictures. Ok. Include the picture taker. Add 2 fish. Ok....perhaps some of the fish are gutted...check the photo....nope...not gutted. Umm...possession kept without being dressed?! possibly. Is the guide also bagging their limit? (Hope not). Perhaps other people keeping their limit were in the group but don't want to appear on camera due to witness protection...but....uhhhh....maybe not.
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    Possible 2 boats, 3 per boat plus 2 guides = 16 fish.

    Docked wetted down before laying the fish down, a good thing.

    Guides wives told their spouse to bring home fish for family, nothing
    wrong with that IMHO.

    Fish cleaned after photo shoot , I bet!
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    I didn't mean to start a war, I just posted a pic of fish being taken in the Nootka area.

    Here are a few more from different charters, not from this year

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    looks like some fish into the low teens, when i see fishing coming in this time of year i like to check out how developed their sacks are.
    thanks for sharing as i don't follow.
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    bino was hot on the weekend, fish were full of squid, and hoochies were working great. Fishing magician, lighten up. start a new thread somewhere else. I personally know the people at Moucha bay. There is no poaching going on there.
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    Beano Creek?
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    Beano is correct. Knew something was wrong when I read last two posts.
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    Hello finally got enough done at the Marina to get out FISHING with My brother in law Monday & Tuesday.
    Great times with GOOD results. Lots of Springs around. We found action at Garden Pt., Rosa, Best & Biggest Chinooks where at Black Rk./Low Rk. in the slot that moves up island from there. Fished lines at 37' & 47' tubed all 4 aboard by noon. Released several that were in good shape all 8 Springs were 7-22lbs most teenagers. 2 ling that came in while trolling both nice size.
    Day 2 Hali & Ling Hot spots were down side of Tatchu Pt. results 4 Hali 48-23lb just the right sizes. Took us a while to find them but when we did the action was fast & FUN. Lings 5 fish 22-14lbs & a few other ground fish. We were using spreader bars & X-large herring. All in All a great trip. Pictures should be on our page under Media/Fishing 2014 this afternoon. We are full open for fuel, bait, tackle, ice, meals, moorage & lodging. Hope to see you out on the water soon!!
    Fish On John
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    Got this in an email.. It does not say who purchased quota.
    June 2014 Fishing Report
    For Nootka Sound

    Salt Water
    June fishing remains outstanding with limits of Chinook 18 to 25 pounds, and smaller Coho 5 to 7 pounds, hitting our docks every day. If the forecasters are correct fishing should remain excellent throughout the rest of our season both on the inside and outside waters from here on out. Bottom fishing has also been on fire, with chicken Halibut in the 25 to 45 pound range seemingly everywhere outside of Maquinna point and out on the reef.
    Popular areas continue to produce, with Wash rock, Maquinna point, and Beno Creek continuing to be the hot spots. There is bait everywhere including inshore where it is legal this season to retain four wild or hatchery clipped Coho per day.
    Springs on the outside remain deeper in the (55 to 85 foot range), Coho are anywhere from 25 to 85 feet on random feeding programs. We are encountering belly’s full of squid and needle fish inboth species of salmon, so we have been sticking to small baits and glow hootchies. Lots of adipose clipped Chinook are showing up on the dock thanks to the great hatchery programsefforts south of us in the US.
    A combination of Flasher and straight white or glow white needle fish hootchies, and or anchovy and flasher are still producing the best for salmon, however some spoons and plugs are starting to work as well. Try the Tomic 5” inch 602, or the new CRVP # 294 For spoons, go with the 4” inch Coyote Watermelon, or the Live Image.
    Halibut, Lingcod, and Yellow Eye fishing has been very good 3 to 4 miles off of Burdwood to Escalante. Jigging, drifting, or trolling just off the bottom with cut plug herring has been producing steady numbers and varieties of bottom fish. Just this past week our fish processing facility cut and vacuum packed a 130 pound halibut harvested on sport caught quota, along with 3 other fish over 50 pounds.
    Tight Lines, Good Luck, and Safe Fishing
    Gibran White.
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    Well that's exactly what I was hoping to hear!! Damn I just got a chubby!
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    Ya, great news. Only wish they would open up offshore wild coho given the numbers we've seen last two years out at Bajo.
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    I am hearing whispers about it and it may happen. Nice report to read-grab the good stuff out of it and winnow thru the hype- would be nice if all was true and forecasts remain on track-expect to work hard for your fish and then we may have a wonderful surprise. Might just go over tues wed-there is a short window.. Tight Lines.
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    That's not too hard to figure out, Gibran is the manager for Moutcha Bay Resort and they have the only Govn't approved processing facility in the area.

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