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Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by bigdogg1, Dec 25, 2017.

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    Merry Christmas All! I was really happy to see a Peetz Revolution Reel under the tree this year. Feel like going back in time ... with some interesting modernizing to boot.

    It is absolutely gorgeous :)!

    I run Hi Viz on my 2 Amundsons but would like some opinions on how one would start spooling this Peetz reel (backing?, main line ?, etc). Any input would be great. This is from the Peetz Website:

    "Try to avoid lines with excessive stretch and know that backing of any type is no safeguard against spool damage. If you prefer the high stretch feel of monofilament, one option is to load your spool with low stretch line like Spectra® Fiber followed by the monofilament line of your choice. We recommend no more than 600 ft. of total load on the 5" reels and 800 ft. of total load on the 6" reels."


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    Contacted Peetz rep and went with his suggestion - braid backing and monofilament as suggested above.

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