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Discussion in 'Saltwater Fishing Forum' started by the butcher, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. the butcher

    the butcher Well-Known Member

    time to do some maintenance on my mooching reels. I have shimano GT2000 and GT4000 mooching reels. Pulled the reels apart, cleaned and lubricate/greased the components. Now time to re-spool. The reels have always had straight 30lb mono. I am thinking of putting some backing onto it so that I can more frequently swap out new mono. I called a tackle shop and the guy told me to just go straight mono and cut off 10-15 feet each time I go out. Wondering how everyone sets up their line for their mooching reels and why you do it that way.
  2. N2013

    N2013 Active Member

    Have ran reels with both backing & straight mono. Have heard backing is easier on the reels themselves as it can absorb some of the compression of the mono. Either way works. I run straight mono now. Always know I have lots of line. I’ll chop off a bit every so often depending how often I’m fishing. Once the reel gets down on line, I’ll just replace the whole thing. Go get a big spool of line and DIY.
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  3. macro

    macro Active Member

    I run braid, then 100 ft of mono.. when the when your down to 30 ft of mono.. its time to replace.
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  4. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    ^ this
  5. Canso

    Canso Well-Known Member

    what are you using for backing?
    25lb dacron backing, then 300ft of 30lb mono. backing has too much drag in the water to be trolling with.
  6. Ripperoflips

    Ripperoflips Active Member

    It depends, what are you going to use the "MOOCHING REELS" for, mooching or trolling? For trolling I would think that 30lb. mono would be suffice, but for mooching I would personally not use anything heavier than 15lb. mono and have used as light as 12lb. mono. Anything heavier than 15lb. would have too much drag in heavy current while mooching and you would have to use too much weight to get where the fish are.
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  7. ericl

    ericl Well-Known Member

    Use braid with a mono topshot - replace the topshot yearly/as needed; the braid will last 15+ years/forever depending who you talk to. I am now40# for both braid & mono for trolling.
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  8. the butcher

    the butcher Well-Known Member

    Good info. Looks like Lots of different ways to skin a fish. For those running braid then mono, what weight of braid you using? Anything less than 50 or 60 lbs seems like you would need quite a bit of it on the spool before you can get to the mono section. When the fish takes line and your connection from braid to mono passes the eyes of the rod, does it ever get snagged or caught up for a split second? What knot do you use? Double uni?
  9. Corey_lax

    Corey_lax Well-Known Member

    You don’t need to fill your entire spool if you don’t want to. But, I use 30 pound neon green backing because it looks cool, 60 pound braid, 50ish’ of 30 pound mono. Double uni knot on mine. It clunked at first but I trimmed it back more and super glued it and it passes through smoothly now.
  10. paulo

    paulo Crew Member

    Like most, about 100' of fly line backing with the remainder 250 - 300' of 25lb test Maxima usually Chartreuse colour for vis but regular green as well. Other than the winter I run 4 rods so I get rid of the worst line on one reel then re spool with one of the others and put new line on one reel. The top 30' of line sees the most wear so when you re spool cut back what needs to go. Saves on line and expenses and I have never seen my backing go through my guides. On occasion I may respool with new line on more than just the one reel. My two cents FWIW.
  11. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    I switched to backing, then braid with mono top shot (30lbs) from just backing and mono. I certainly did like it more especially when fishing deep.
  12. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    I have done it the way the tackle shop guy recommended for the last 40 years but I clip off past where I clip in every 50 clip in’s
  13. Canso

    Canso Well-Known Member

    I think people are mistaking braid and backing. Backing is thick Dacron braid, much thicker then mono lb for lb....braid fishing line is thinner then mono.
  14. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    I guess Spectra is too big a word for some people.

    Spectra can be used for backing it's expensive but lasts damned near forever.
  15. chromatose007

    chromatose007 Active Member

    Depends on the reel capacity and who gets to use them.
    Personal reel gets backing with 30# BG Solar
    Guide reels get straight 30# BG Solar peeled and changed at least 3x/season
    Can't trust guests with braid and top shot set ups. No how no way...
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  16. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Is that just the lack of forgiveness you're talking about? I find newbies do fine with mine set up that way but the titans have a little to do with that I'd assume. A little more play in the tip... just the tip.
  17. gungadin

    gungadin Well-Known Member

    For backing I use about 80-100ft of 200-250lb used braided downrigger line over top of a couple of layers of "Gorilla Tape", then some 600 ft of 60 lb braid and top it off with about 80 ft of 30lb mono. Replace the mono when I think it needs it.
  18. bryce

    bryce Active Member

    Why not just tie the rigger braid to the mainline braid
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  19. gungadin

    gungadin Well-Known Member

    The rigger braid is that thick Scotty braid that I took off my riggers a few years ago, Almost as thick as Dacron and after being on the downrigger for a few years is nice and flat and soft. I believe the blowback would be extreme as well, thus the thin 60lb braid. I never expect that the old downrigger braid will ever sea the salt water again. It is more of a cushion and a filler.
  20. bryce

    bryce Active Member

    I understand that I just meant why the tape if you have that much line out you have bigger problems then blowback

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