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Discussion in '2016 Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by Discus, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Discus

    Discus Well-Known Member

    My buddy and I went to fly fishing at the lake. We had lot of fun we caught and released lot of decent trout.
    We got 6 trout from 2 lbs to 4.6 lbs. My buddy got the largest trout ever his life it was a 24" long the weight was 4.6 lbs. I lost the bigger one due break line and my favorite fly :( . 14725460_10153841466801651_718702904635954046_n.jpg

    20161023_174653.jpg 14570297_10153841466936651_7370757245432975639_n.jpg 14570297_10153841466936651_7370757245432975639_n.jpg
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  2. eroyd

    eroyd Active Member

    Looks like you wacked a bunch of brooders. Is the one on the far left a blackwater strain?
  3. Carmanah

    Carmanah Member

    Dat "pen" tail. Brood stock always weird me out. That large one is impressive though good job. What did you get them on?
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  4. Discus

    Discus Well-Known Member

    Eroyd No the largest one was the Blackwater strain . In the pictire on far left it was a Tzenzaicut strain and other three were Fraser Valley.

    Let me know if I was wrong .
  5. Discus

    Discus Well-Known Member


    We caught the fish on fly "Nymph"
  6. N2013

    N2013 Active Member

    What is the lake restricted to as far as motors go? Electric only?
  7. advTHXance

    advTHXance Well-Known Member

  8. tinboatrobb

    tinboatrobb Active Member

    Pretty much need to fish it from a boat.
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  9. eroyd

    eroyd Active Member

    The guys fishing from the fishing wharf were slaying them on Sunday. I don't think someone fly fishing would fit in there.;) The fishing wharf is a multi rod powerbait club fest.

    But you could try. I can't think of anywhere else you could fish from shore right now. Lots of weed in close at most places.
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  10. advTHXance

    advTHXance Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. :)
  11. Cut Plug

    Cut Plug Active Member

    There are a few spots other than the main wharf you could try to fly fish from shore. There is another wharf at the foot of Leigh Road just before the old launch ramp, and also one at the park (can't remember its name) just before Dunford off Leigh Rd. The main beach off Goldstream also has potential if you bring waders. All of these spots offer at least a reasonable back cast assuming they aren't crowded. Especially in the last hour or so of daylight, Langford trout can be really close to shore so you don't need to cast far. Try a pumpkin head on either a floating or slow sinking line.

    I too really enjoy fly fishing our local lakes and its my preferred method for trout for a bunch of reasons, not the least of which is that I can catch WAY more than the folks off the beach and easily release them all without undue harm, but I still enjoy seeing folks getting out and enjoying catching a few trout for dinner off the docks. Especially families with kids! I never lose sight of the fact that a heavily stocked lake like Langford justifies the cost of stocking by getting people out fishing and keeping them fishing by having success.

    I started my fishing career almost 50 years ago fishing Como Lake for stocked trout. I can still remember the excitement and pride I felt when I brought a few home to Mum and Dad, and we always had them for dinner that night. I think its a good thing that families, youngsters and adults new to fishing can still enjoy the same experience today.

    FYI - the only strains stocked in Langford are either Fraser Valley catchables in the fall and spring, or fingerling Blackwaters in the spring. The large catchables (avg 750gm this latest batch!) and the Blackwaters are part of what I believe is a successful program to avoid cormorant predation.

    Kudos to FFSBC, and especially the past Duncan Hatchery manager for a progressive approach to stocking Langford Lake. The cormorants almost destroyed that fishery a few years back, but by listening to local anglers and trying new ideas the lake is pretty much back to its former glory. Good news for all trout fishermen who enjoy fishing the lake IMO.

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  12. Hyde-N-Seek

    Hyde-N-Seek Member

    Very interesting read CP. Didn't know about the cormorants issues. Thanks for sharing. Used to fished that lake quite a bit and enjoyed my time there.
  13. SaintSix

    SaintSix New Member

    Any Advice to a novice fly fishermen? I have a kayak and I saw you said nymphs so I assume sinking line? do you cast out to structure and retrieve slowly back or troll it like a gang troll?
  14. Cut Plug

    Cut Plug Active Member

    Use a full sink (type 4 to 6) line. Tie on a 9 foot 6 lb test leader. Attach a small brown or olive mayfly or damselfly nymph or a small olive wooly bugger. Pinch down the barb on the hook with a pair of needle nosed pliers. Barbless hooks make it way easier to set the hook when trolling, and then its also easier to release the fish without harming it after that epic scrap. Let out 25 pulls (approx 50 feet) while moving or cast out 50 feet. Troll very slowly so your line runs between a 45 degree and 25 degree angle to the surface of the water. Hang on.

    Once you get a few, try casting and retrieving. Try casting in to the shore of the lake and retrieve out on the Goldstream Road side in between the islands.

    Good luck!

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  15. SaintSix

    SaintSix New Member

    Appreciate the advice! I will have to plan a day and go. All my fishing is done barbless, 95% is catch and release with the odd day of wanting fresh fish for supper. Hopefully I can catch a few nice ones and get some good pictures, then ill be forced to learn and how to post them :)
  16. eroyd

    eroyd Active Member

    Small leech patterns are also productive. If your thinking of catching some for the pan, I would suggest just taking one first time out see if you like them. I found them kind of disappointing. Much prefer having a chance to catch them again. CP's advice is pretty much right on. Best locations seem to move about a little year to year. The resident cormorants will often show you where a fresh school of "fall catchables" are.;)

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