Ice Fishing Brook Trout with Video

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    Ice fishing for eastern brook trout can be a lot of fun especially during the early ice season. First ice is a great time to be out fishing as long as you are careful when heading out. We recommend not venturing out until the ice is at least 4 inches thick. Once your local brook trout pond freezes over you can use the tips in this video to locate brook trout and convince them to bite even on the slow days. In this video I was using a Marcum VX - 1 Pro and a silver and red slender spoon 1/8 oz tipped with a small piece of cocktail shrimp. These brook trout are stocked as All Female Triploids so they do not display normal spawning behavior and therefore fishing varies a bit for these fish early ice from the usual diploid spawning brook trout. These lakes are often heavily stocked so don't feel bad if you'd like to take something home to eat that is the reason these fish are put in the lakes. Best of luck to you on the ice this season!

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    You always have inspirational videos- thanks for posting and Merry Christmas!

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