Edith lake quick stop ice fishing.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Forum' started by FishDoc, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. FishDoc

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    Well we said goodbye to Alberta last night and on the way home stopped outside Kamloops at Edith lake. There is probably a good 7 to 8 inches of ice, minimal snow and a bunch of people out. Probably got out on the ice around 230. Bright and sunny air temp around 0 degrees C, no wind. So the kids came out including Eavenly for her first time ice fishing. Plopped in two jaw jackers on jigging bases for the girls and drilled a pile more holes. The other fishermen were scattered around the edges and didnt seem to be catching much but I found the fish in 16 to 20 feet of water. First fish was on Sierra's jaw jacker. She was sitting beside it when it popped up so I figured she tripped it. As I was walking over to reset it she was reeling up the rod and I noticed it was bent over with a fish on the other end. She reeled in this nice little brook trout on the Atomic Waxworm from @backcountrytackle. You can see it hanging there. After the sun went over the hill the kids walked back to the truck with mom and I stayed out. That's when the fish got active and I pulled in 6 or 7 rainbows while everyone else was leaving the lake. Not bad for a quick stop. 20190113_155252.jpg 20190113_165046.jpg 20190113_161951.jpg
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  2. the fog ducker

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    17 fish !! :)
    nice work lol

    my first lake i ever ice fished ,

  3. FishDoc

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    No had a picture posting glitch there haha. One brookie and 7 bows I believe.
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    playin with ya
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    There, fixed it!
  6. UkeeDreamin

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    Cool to see the different strains of rainbows stocked in Edith - of the two rainbows you kept, looks like you got both a pennask (less spotting) and a Fraser valley.


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  7. FishDoc

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    Yes I would agree, that is the only Fraser Valley I got. The Rest that I caught were all Pennask bows. I always seem to catch mostly Pennask bows at Edith.
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    Nice fish
  9. Hookin'up

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    nice job thanks for the write up.
    I have jawjackers too and they work quite well, especially for the kids, those bases look pretty cool too, I might need to pick one or two up
  10. FishDoc

    FishDoc Well-Known Member

    For sure try one out and see what you think. I do really well with just the plain jaw jackers as well. There are some days that they like a bit of movement to trigger them though.

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